Gelli over embossing

This is decidedly weird.  Sometimes, I have an idea and it’s more about seeing if it works and then trying to figure out how to USE the idea in the most effective way.  I tend to share even the pure experiments before I actually work out the use of them.  This is one of those posts LOL!

I was thinking of the technique with ink where you emboss then cover the embossing with ink, then iron off the embossing to leave the bare card showing thru.  Usually it is done with clear embossing powder so I did that first:



I have a couple of 6 x 6 inch background stamps so that made sense with the 6 x 6 inch plate.

I pulled a print onto the embossed cardstock



Ironing it off worked, sort of, but my choice of stamp and Gelli print combo wasn’t the best – you can barely see the Gelli part. But the ghost print was interesting.  where the embossing touched the plate it sort of impressed the pattern of the embossing into it and left it, much like it does with a stencil ghost print!



So I had a go with some gold embossing and a different stamp:



Again, my choice of Gelli prints (bubble wrap) barely shows thru the embossing.  But when I ironed off the embossing powder it gave it a really pretty batik-like effect:



The differences between the two are much more apparent in real life!

I tried a more bold Gelli pattern:



but again, not totally happy with the combo.  What is left on the plate:



and the ghost:


I did try, but didn’t photograph, a couple of text circles, embossed, with a print behind.  Again, it was the combination of the embossed bit and the Gelli print that left me lukewarm. I think more experimentation is clearly needed – as with most things, I like to try a LOT of stuff then try to work out a set of “rules” that will give me the greatest chance of success.  So, single images v overall stamp&embossing? Small scale Gelli patterns v large-scale? Open areas v overall texture? These are the questions I need to answer!  Once I get a firm grip on how the combos are likely to work I will then know in future what will give me the effect I like.

I am also curious about embossing on deli paper and what effect THAT might give – and if the embossing, if left in place and not ironed off, will tear, for collage work, for example, of if breaking the surface tension (is that the right term?) of the embossing will cause it to chip and flake?

So many ideas, so little time to play….So if you have a play be sure to report back your findings.  I’ll be very curious to know what your experiments produce!