Text on Packing tape with the Gelli plate!

This is the first day in a week I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel 0′ illness.  So, today – Three experiments.

I had the idea that as acrylic paint, when dry, is fairly stable, I could add some text to a strip of packing tape behind a Gelli print pull then wet it to rub it off, leaving the paint intact. It worked, sort of.

Experiment 1: pull the print as normal then add the text behind it.  Burnish well, wet the paper, rub it away




Result: It sort of worked.  The heavy-bodied paint remained fairly intact, although the bits that had the text behind them rubbed away pretty completely.  The thin-bodied paint (which is the pink-y circles from the pull) disappeared almost totally.

Experiment 2: block off the part of the tape where you intend to add the text.  Pull the print and add the text in the open ares.  Burnish well then wet and rub away the paper.



The magazine paper sticks to the plate so applying the tape doesn’t “attract” it away from the surface, it stays aligned as you placed it.


Once the text is in place you can press the open areas of the tape to what’s left on the plate to fill the gaps, if you want.



Result: again, it works, sort of.  MOST of the paint stayed intact, but the text was perhaps too thin, or my rubbing to vigorous, so it isn’t as crisp and clear as I’d like it to be.

Experiment 3: Apply the text to the packing tape, burnish well, wet and rub the paper away.  LET THE TAPE DRY TOTALLY – the “sticky” will come back enough to pull a print, and even enough to add your mica powder behind it! Hover over the images to see the text.

Result: Success! Love it.  Once you add the mica the tape is no longer sticky – I ran the strip thru my Xyron machine to add the sticky back and added it to the front of my little book.


Can you just about see that the print shows thru the tape, at least a bit?  It’s more visible in real life.

So that is another fun way to add text – although I see no reason you couldn’t do the same technique with images.  Because the packing tape is shiny, I think you have to consider that when using it, but in a mixed media thing, esp. one that gets a coat of varnish or has a shiny surface in the end anyway, it would be a fun thing to play around with, don’tcha think?