Stab Binding pattern

Well, no joy from the Dr. I’m afraid.  Just stay warn, drink lots and you’ll get over it.  {sigh} Maybe, but at this time of year being weak as a kitten and alternating fever and chills is not helping me get to my to-do list.

While sitting in the waiting room I worked out the instructions.  I made them a PDF.  I also included a template that is sized for an 8 inch tall book.  I’m sure you can resize it, or add more motifs.

Again, fair warning, the front and the back are NOT the same.  So if that is a distinct feature of stab-binding patterns I’ve failed miserably.  But if you don’t care about that, have a go – it’s pretty simple. This is the front – look back to the last post to see it sewn, and what the back looks like. NOTE:  I should mention that (like the original) in the instructions ENTER means come up from the back and EXIT mean go down from the front. I’ve added that info to the PDF.

lookslke and some better shots of the book where the colours are more true and you can get a better sense of the French Fold construction:

Now I need to lie down for a bit….