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Gelli + mists + japanese stab bindings

I was really hoping to manage to finish something for our visitor, but got struck down with strep throat.  Ugh.  I hoped to give him one thing but hope I haven’t given him the other!  Oh dear.

So not much one this.  Going back to an old Gelli Arts tutorial on using mists  I tarted up a handful of prints.



The mists do soak thru a bit but I think maybe I didn’t saturate them quite as much as I should have to get the full  effect.  Still, I do like them quite a bit



This one is a particular favourite



But the real focus is the brilliant Japanese Stab Binding tutorials from this site.  Fab.  I picked perhaps not the easiest one to begin with, one she calls Kissing Fish.  I grabbed her template and printed the pattern.  As suggested, I stuck it to a bit of foam core so I could practice.



The bottom edge gets trimmed too. Then, following the three pages (!) of instructions I managed to accomplish it while laying on the sofa and watch a movie with DD. Imagine the bottom edge is the spine of the book….



I love it.  I would say yarn isn’t the best choice of sewing material (I tended to split a strand and that distorted the stitches slightly) and I am not sure I would want to try it without the numbers.  I’m thinking I can print on to tissue paper or something that will tear away easily – this tore OK but I used too much adhesive for it to be a clean removal. Maybe for the next one.  All her patterns are stunning and so decorative, I just want to try them all…but not till I’m better. and then I hope the two things will come together with a third thing to produce a final project.  Right now I’m off for some more paracetamol then back to the sofa for a bit more rest.