Gormenghast book


Nearly done, and just a few shots.

The cover, as I mentioned yesterday, is meant to mimic the cover of the edition of the book I have:



The B&W print in the back is an image I found of Gormenghast castle.

Inside, there are those Ma Vinci stamps with the title (sort of) of the song/poem that provides the text:

2GormbookAll the pages are, obviously, Gelli prints. Here’s one of the spreads:

3GormbookI find it interesting that cutting up the prints gives them a whole different look and feel.  I like the way the yellow circle on the left and the black circle on the right almost intersect.  It reminds me of a quilt I saw that I loved, made in a particular way, with freehand cutting of circles from a stack of fabric squares then interchanging the surrounds and the cut circles.  I’m not explaining it well but it was kinda cool and it stuck with me.

Using the current obsession, turtle wrap covers and slip-in spines, this one has the accordion stuck together on the underside so the back is flat and the folds radiate out like sunrays.  The pages get stuck back to back, sandwiching each little flap.  That keeps the book a solid unit rather than one that pulls to expand, like the flag books.  It should accompany (or perhaps arrive in advance of) a gift with a related theme.  Just need to get it in the mail soonish so it can get there by Xmas.  Now, still a few more things to sort out.

It is totally unfair that I have to scrub the kitchen floor on my birthday…..




4 thoughts on “Gormenghast book

  1. OMG girl you have created a masterpiece this book is just perfect, the gelli pages are incredible. Oh forget the floor scrubbing, go out and have drink or 3 to celebrate and when I have one later I will have it for you too. Happy Birthday to you.

    Hugs Eliza

  2. Many happy happies, M.A.! May the year ahead be filled with crafting happiness and lots of creativity!
    Forget the floor today and go and play some more!
    Warm hugz

  3. Wonderful makes I just can’t stop admiring all your work! A big hug for your birthday! Have a very happy one and please DON’T scrub the floor – sit back and have a glass of champaigne! Cheers to you my dear crafty friend!
    Lots of hugs,

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