Use those prints? Or print on purpose? Gelli ball!


Sorry, now I am being a big tease, but I’m going to share my first iteration of this – the second one will have to wait, as will the instructions.  It’s nearly impossible to explain in words how to do it, I was fighting with another (non-Gelli version) all day yesterday and did THIS more as a way to solve THAT problem.  But it needs daylight for photos, and a couple of re-do sections (cause I’m a numpty) but when I get it all sorted (tomorrow is the plan!) I’ll share.

In the meantime…


And as it slowly rotates…



8 thoughts on “Use those prints? Or print on purpose? Gelli ball!

  1. Can you use your gelli prints in the cricut? I am new to both, And want to use these prints to their fullest potential so I can make more, lol

    • The problem is that if you put them painted side DOWN on the sticky of the mat it will pull off the paint, and if you put them painted side UP the blade gets sort of caught on any super thick areas of paint. So what *I* did was cut the plain shapes on the Cricut and then pull the prints on them. I would suggest that as the best way to use the Cricut rather than print with the plate first and then try to cut the print.


      • Thank you so much. I was thinking how could I use them. Now I have a zillion gelli prints. You know it is addicting. LoL but I will do as you suggest. That was an awesome explanation.

  2. So cool! How did you ever come up with this idea, it’s wonderful!

  3. What an amazing project, but it must have been a hell of a lot work putting it together! Bravo you!

  4. Well now! This should be fun.

  5. Absolutely brilliant – gellicious even.

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