Circular Flags Flag book


You know how you see something and it haunts you? Well, I am 98% sure I saw a bare-bones image (not sure it was even a completed project, and it certainly wasn’t a tutorial!) for a flag book that had circular flags.  I have hunted and hunted to no avail. It’s out there somewhere – unless of course it was just in my head, but no combination or permutation of CIRCLE FLAG BOOK can tease it out of Google.  Despite that, I made one.

There are a ton of photos on my memory card that need sorting thru and whittling down so I can share how I did it.  But I suspect many people will just look at it and KNOW. Here it is:


Maybe you can see that I used that sink mat with the pebble design to make the Gelli Prints.  I let the colours do the talking, as I didn’t really want to do layered prints for this particular project.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE layered Gelli prints, but sometimes, less is more.

My projects often look pretty bog-standard from the cover.  Would you ever imagine this is what lurks within?


This is one monstrously long book when extended.  At least 25 inches – give or take, depending on how fully you extend it.

The flags going left are the surrounds (only the 6×6 Gelli plate needed!) and the ones leaning right are the circles cut from the centre, but that isn’t all there is to it. The math bit, and the positioning, isn’t as straightforward as the normal rectangular flag flagbook.


The book has a few quotes – the ones on the pages are extracted from a much longer work (Memories of Myths & Truths by CB Allen) but the entire chapter rambles a bit, comparing people to pebbles, so I took what I wanted to say, with a few alterations, and used just those bits.

Pebbles are…easily moved by winds or streams…like ordinary people mendering through life
Most pebbles are hidden in the flowing stream

Most of us in this life are ordinary people leading ordinary lives surrounded by even more similarly ordinary people…
…[But] examine closely [and] we’ll find something  beyond ordinary in most of us
As humans, we can make some extraordinary things happen.
We all are surrounded by extraordinary times, extraordinary people

then across the round flags: We all are extraordinary pebbles

The one inside the cover is attributed to United Starminds (?) but while the source name smacks of CULT, I did like it and it fit.


The cover is another modified turtle-wrap and the spine either detaches, or can remain in place at the front and lies under the book once it’s extended and on it’s back


or behind it if you want to display it standing up, like the other shot, above.

Just a slight close-up so you can see the variations in the prints.

Clearly there is a lot to say about this.  I’ll be working on a how-to post for it, with luck tomorrow.  Might even have to do one of my slide-show things for YouTube as there are so many photos.  I’ll know better once I determine how many of them are actually required to explain!  But I have to say I simply adore it.


Bear with me – I’ll add the info as soon as I get it organized!


11 thoughts on “Circular Flags Flag book

    I am totally in love with the circle flag book but unfortunately I am NOT one of those people who can figure out how to make it by just looking at the finished product. Did you ever unearth the step by step photos? And do you have written instructions to go along with them?
    Happy holidays!
    ❤️ this book!

  2. You make the best books! This just took my breath away and I am sure it will for others in the party!

  3. Dear Maryanne…..thank you SO much for posting your beautiful, inspired book……….As I was growing up, my Dad always said to me, “The things you do in life are much like throwing a pebble in a brook……..the ripples go ever outward, and you never, never know how far your deeds will go, and whom they will touch! Good or bad!!” I’ve never forgotten this, and as a matter of fact, said this very thing to my daughter yesterday!! And this point is proven in the fact that the ripples from your “pebble” crossed the Ocean and touched ME!!! How wonderful is this!!??!!
    I look forward to your instructions re the construction of this beautiful piece of artwork! You’ve inspired me to make a books such as this to give to my daughters and grandchildren! You have a beautiful God-given talent….thank you for sharing it with al of us!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Carole from Chicago, IL USA

  4. A stunning book – just staggering in its beauty.

  5. This is beautiful – the colours, the pattern, the function and design. Fabulous!

  6. Just plain gorgeous. I’m looking forward to the how to.

  7. I have one of those sink pads, too, and love it on my gelli plate. This book looks awesome.

  8. you always make such interesting things!

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