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Decorating the pages

Just a few final bits.  I didn’t actually use a lot of different things to decorate the book but there are a few that are worth mentioning:

1. The vellum background – Wallpaper motif.  See the post on anaglypta wallpaper samples.


I used the wallpaper motif in three ways – first, I used it to remove a bit of the paint from the plate to pull a ghost, then I loaded the plate with a darker yellow and brayered on an orange to the motif.  I stamped the motif ONTO the yellow on the plate then pulled that over the lighter yellow, then I brayered red paint onto the motif and added it as a stamp over the print.


2. The Quote – printed and embossed on Deli paper prints

I first ironed the Deli paper to some freezer paper, but in the end I could have just stuck it well to cardstock, and run THAT thru the printer, as the sheer Deli paper let too much of the stuff behind it thru for the text to actually be readable.

4how2vbgelliAs soon as it came out of the printer I coated the wet ink with Superfine clear embossing powder and heat embossed it.


Black might have been better but I worried stray specks would ruin it.  Now I know as long as the Gelli print is DRY as a BONE, the embossing powder will not stick to it, and the black embossing powder would really stand out more.


3. Pearl stamping – Lumiere paint and Liquid Pearls mixed.

I squeezed out a couple colours of Liquid Pearls and a bit of Lumiere paint then mixed them by brayer (I wanted it patchy, not one smooth colour!) and tried both brayering that onto the stamp then stamping and pressing the stamp to the mixed paint – both worked although the brayered paint was lighter.




4. The doughnuts – odd tools

I love the tiny circles but finding bottle caps that small is hard.  I used a little eraser holder, but I also find removing the eraser from a mechanical pencil and using that also gives a really cute small stamp.


5. Backing with white paper – blocking the light from behind

Just like the original Vellum book, if you back the vellum with plain white paper, it blocks the light, giving a different effect when the piece is backlit. And the white, even when the piece is NOT backlit, highlights those areas in a different way. Adding deli paper bits give yet another layered effect – see the big circles?  In real life you can see the layers of pattern better…



Also, I realize I neglected to add a photo of how the twine wraps around the cover to tie


Hope that helps.  I have a nifty one to add tomorrow {wink}