WOYWW 231 – another book


Missing DS already.  We must be growing a relationship as equals, as for the first time I didn’t actually want to slap him 15 minutes after he arrived.  And the whole he-loves-my-art admission (enough to claim a fair bit as his own, mostly the actual BIG CARDS from my year-long project, my Steampunk house,  and a handful of Gelli Prints, and enough to link my blog for his friends to see) was amazingly sweet.

I am working on another little book – another oddball construction – with a specific purpose in mind. a bit of a mess on the desk for WOYWW as usual, then.



Off to the side you can see the sink mat that I used to make the coolest Gelli prints last week – I had the idea I would grab another one and offer it as blog candy but wouldn’t you know it they were all sold out.



I did grab another one but it’s flowers and not tested yet.  I do know it is labelled as “exclusive to B&M” so if you have one near you they are a steal at £1.99.

I also grabbed another couple of wallpaper samples – I really like this one, which I think is meant to be maybe a cut orange, although I see a sun in the design.  Looks just perfect for the round Gelli plate!



I’ve already tested a theory with it, something I thought would work and does, and that may appear in the book – which is looking like this at the moment, but looks can be deceptive….



We have two cars needing MOTs and both are scheduled for this week, as the end of the month is pretty heavily booked, so not sure how much I’ll actually manage on the book today, but I have high hopes for getting it done.

Happy WOYWW y’all.



24 thoughts on “WOYWW 231 – another book

  1. I haven’t been to B&M yet but in Asda I found the pebble mat, the only thing was it was a bathmat, so a bit big and with suckers on the back! It was £5, I guess you could cut it down to at least two mats. I didn’t buy it, will store the information to forget later lol!

    • Well, the suckers on the back MIGHT be able to be cut off with a craft knife, but if you could just find Gelli-friends to share it with…. 🙂 Is it like the sink mat? Some pebbled smooth and some slightly textured? It makes such a cool print, I’d probably spring for the £5. The sink mat got me a full a bit larger than 9×11 chunk, a 6+ x 6+ chunk, and another 6+ x 6+ bit leftover. With a bathmat you could get 4 or more I would think!

      Now I have to go look at bathmats……


  2. Love the way the pebble mat looks now and that wallpaper is amazing… I would hate it on my wall but to use as a book cover or something similar it would be really quite something.
    I loved it when DS and I got the stage where he actually phoned me, or emailed me… and asked me to make something for friends at uni… enjoy it, I think it fades once another female gets their claws into them… LOL Annette

  3. Great structure and print.
    I´m sure the book will look great!

    Susan nr 101 woyww

  4. A sink mat. wallpaper off cuts, yarn and plastic tubing?
    All on one desk sound quite odd. but to any crafter it’s quite normal….. well fairly normal. I loved the pebble prints I might try and make one I have been trying to decide what to do with my lino cutting. I will post more info on the amazing tape next week,
    janet #38

  5. what a fab idea with the sink mat, I need to pop in to my nearest B & M, thanks for my earlier visit, Donna#42

  6. Yes, the sun burst wallpaper looks like it will give a fabulous impression.

    Good luck with the cars!

  7. Fabulous desk. The sink mat looks like a work of art with all that paint on it. Just gorgeous.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Love Rachel #46

  8. They prolly ran out of the sink mats after every gelli printer in the county read your blog! am struggling to catch up and totally blown away by your latest posts…the art of talking book actually contains words and meanings that I use…omg!!

  9. Rofl at the comment about your son!That mat is ace, as is the wallpaper design.Looking forward to seeing the book, hope the MOT’s go well. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #28 xx

  10. Wow you have such amazing ideas, when I finally make the space so I can get my Gelli Mat out I will have to visit the shops you go to and see what I can get, free or buy. I think we have a B&M.
    As soon as I get the wobbly one going I will be looking for all the help I can get!
    Cazzy x #83

  11. Loving your books and you always find interesting things to use!! Take care Zo xx 77

  12. The sink mat for a gelli print is a great idea. We love your limitless imagination for these creations.

  13. Great use of a sink mat and the wallpaper idea is genius. I’m really hoping that Santa brings me a Gelli Plate (no one took the hint for my birthday!) Hugs. Pam#37

  14. great ideas on your blog . I am off to look at some of your previous posts. Believe it or not I think this is possibly my first visit? Happy WOYWW Anne x #63

  15. What I love about your blog is that you always show us something that is completely radical and off the wall!! That pebble mat is a brilliant method of printing and I bet that sunburst wallpaper piece will be the same!
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  16. j’aime également me servir de tapis mais jamais comme le votre c’est vraiment top!!! bravo

  17. Well, what do you know, I may ACTUALLY get around to hopping and commenting a bit today! I’ve missed not saying hi to my blog buddies of late. Sweet about DS – kids can really surprise you sometimes….

    Hope you’re keeping well – look forward to seeing you at the next crop!

  18. the sink mat makes great gelli prints! glad your son appreciate your art . I scrolled back and read some of your previous posts as I had got behind, the books are amazing! Helen 7 (oh, and no shopping today to worry about…)

  19. Love the wacky sink mat that you found – I’m sure it will work a treat for printing in your books. I’ll have to look out for something like that here in France. thanks for sharing the idea.

  20. I love using house hold items for crafting…bet their original designers had no clue what could or would be done with them… #29

  21. You have some serious crafting going on. #17

  22. I love books and making prints out of whatever!
    I always visit my neighbors first.
    thanks for the snoop around and hope you find time to stop by.
    robyn 24

  23. Hey that is one really amazing sink mat, I want one, love the gelli stuff and what you do.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda (no number yet)

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