WOYWW 231 – another book

Missing DS already.  We must be growing a relationship as equals, as for the first time I didn’t actually want to slap him 15 minutes after he arrived.  And the whole he-loves-my-art admission (enough to claim a fair bit as his own, mostly the actual BIG CARDS from my year-long project, my Steampunk house,  and a handful of Gelli Prints, and enough to link my blog for his friends to see) was amazingly sweet.

I am working on another little book – another oddball construction – with a specific purpose in mind. a bit of a mess on the desk for WOYWW as usual, then.



Off to the side you can see the sink mat that I used to make the coolest Gelli prints last week – I had the idea I would grab another one and offer it as blog candy but wouldn’t you know it they were all sold out.



I did grab another one but it’s flowers and not tested yet.  I do know it is labelled as “exclusive to B&M” so if you have one near you they are a steal at £1.99.

I also grabbed another couple of wallpaper samples – I really like this one, which I think is meant to be maybe a cut orange, although I see a sun in the design.  Looks just perfect for the round Gelli plate!



I’ve already tested a theory with it, something I thought would work and does, and that may appear in the book – which is looking like this at the moment, but looks can be deceptive….



We have two cars needing MOTs and both are scheduled for this week, as the end of the month is pretty heavily booked, so not sure how much I’ll actually manage on the book today, but I have high hopes for getting it done.

Happy WOYWW y’all.