Vellum Gelli Book DONE!

Phew.  Snatching moments here and there, between cooking and laundry, I managed to finish it.

I was undecided about the purpose of the book when I began, but I had read an article in The Sunday Times last week called The Art of Talking Rubbish.  It was all about artspeak – words critics use to describe art and what the sub-text is.  It amused me, and I found a few terms that I’ve used when complimenting other’s work, or that have been used to compliment MY work.  I can only speak for myself, but I certainly never intended the sub-text to be the definition!  Anyway, I decided that the article would form the basis of the book.

What I DIDN’T manage was to do another cover/spine so I could photo it, but I will try to do so today and share that maybe tomorrow.  I have another project in mind….

So here it is:



The letters were cut on my Cricut from some scraps of Gelli prints.  The ART ones are the surround mounted on white card (with a bit of Old Paper Distress Ink in it) and SPEAK is cut then mounted on black card.  Yes, that stencil text was a paint to do – you can see the E has four bits to it, three of them teeny tiny, all needing to be stuck.  It would have been far easier to cut the words from black then mount the print behind it.  DOH!

I amended a few bits of the text to suit me – for example, the article title uses RUBBISH.  But when at crop, and I make a mistake with something, it amuses my cropmates to hear my very American cry of BALLS! ring out in the hall.  They always mimic me.  So I used the more British term that also means trash-talk:



The thing about the cover arrangement is that the covers can be “attached” in two ways.  I altered the position for the final book because THIS way, when opened out, you can see the covers. Of course they are just out of shot here, but I’ll talk about that when I do the step-by-step.

The addition of the Deli paper prints behind the solid cardstock swirls, which are behind the vellum pages gives it more depth.  That actually sprang from a comment from my son as to whether the swirls could be added in pieces somehow so the sheerness varied.  I couldn’t quite get what he meant, but while I was working on it, the idea to layer the sheer Deli paper prints behind would give the whole thing so much more depth and dimension, as the three bits – the vellum pages, the solid card swirls that block the light, and the also sheer Deli paper that is blocked by the cardstock, but can be seen THRU the vellum – were all viewed with backlight. Thanks son!


The other advantage of this version is with the spine slipped in place, the pages flip a bit more like a traditional book.

You can read the definitions but maybe not the comments, which I added printed then embossed with embossing powder on Deli paper prints.

Your art is so accessible  and How decorative!





Your prints are so interesting! and What a charming piece!



If you pull the spine OUT, then you can extend it so it stands more like an accordion, as in the previous shot!

And on the spine.  It’s just a bit of a print. The sides insert into the slits on the other side from the covers to close the book.  I’ve identified one area that COULD be glued in place to keep the covers from falling off with rough handling while still maintaining the structure of it all.  More on that soon. The tie is stuck only to the spine so when you pull it out there are no trailing ribbons to contend with – you just have to remember where you put it – or maybe slip it into the slit behind the cover and tuck it all away!



and with the ribbon:


I had such fun with DS.  A couple of interesting points there.  First, he spent a LOT of time with me in my office, looking at various projects.  He pretty much liked them all and loved a few of them.  So much so that he linked my blog to some of his Uni friends who do “proper art.” And I am a little sad, but at the same time proud, to say he claimed a few things for himself.  My BIG CARDS set is lighter by all the JACKs, all the 4’s (his favourite number, no idea why) and an 8 he wants to give away to someone else.  It was a wrench, but I am running out of room, so I guess I can come to grips with it.  He also claimed my Steampunk House – I can disassemble it and it folds flat for transport.

I really love this one.  sorry that got a bit long.  One day I’ll figure out how to be concise…..who am I kidding?   {wink}