Vellum Gelli Book

NOTE:  If you want to see the finished book, it’s HERE!

I am quite excited by the fact I have used things that have been languishing in my stash FOREVER, untouched for many years.

I am frustrated by the fact life has been absolutely manic since DS came home.  Doctors, Dentists (impacted wisdom teeth – doh!) and shopping for needed items like new shoes (due to a hole-y sole) have taken up WAY too much time.  Wearing the MOM hat at the moment so simply put, no time to play with paint and the plate.  Grrr.

I mentioned having an idea the other day – I got part way thru it and have not had the time to finish it off, but I figured as DS isn’t leaving till Tuesday now, and we are trying to move Thanksgiving to tomorrow (cause he can’t some BACK for that) and there is so much to do (pumpkin is roasting for my from-scratch pumpkin pie even as I type!) that it’s unlikely I will get to finish this project today (or maybe even tomorrow) I would go ahead and share where I am and what I have planned.

Originally I had thought of Deli paper.  I wanted to focus on the sheer quality of it, but the body simply was not there.  It was too flimsy to use as book pages and expect it to hold its shape when standing up.

So I thought again, had a little rummage, and came across a handful of odd things that sent me off in another direction.

Odd things used are large sheets of vellum, vellum tape and my large Xyron machine.  And the mid-result (with the end-result coming another day, I’m afraid) is this little book.


Looking pretty bog-standard, isn’t it? But there are a few things to note.   The cover uses something I’ve seen called a TURTLE WRAP.  That is two prints – one cut right to the edge side-to-side and the other cut right to the edge top-to-bottom.  The alternate sides have large flaps.  You wrap it around the cover board one way, then wrap the back of the cover the other, tucking in the last two flaps, to both decorate and secure both prints around the  board.  That leaves you with a slit to slip the first page of the book in to, joining the pages and the cover into a book.  Do the same for the back cover and slip the final page in to that.  No adhesive required! It is amazingly secure for not being stuck together in any way.

There will be a spine (or can be) which slips into the cover and the tie closure will be attached to that. It’s all very confusing in text, I imagine, but actually really straightforward in photos.  I’ll aim to do them at some point.

The pages are a long accordion of vellum.  The Gelli prints pulled on that so well and the sheer quality makes for a really interesting effect.


Sorry, I couldn’t block the mess on my windowsill or the sheerness of the vellum pages would have been totally lost! The swirls I cut from plain white card, on the Cricut (with SCAL, using an image off the ‘net that was actually a wall mural of a tunnel sort of thing) and stuck those to the BACK of the pages with the Xyron – no adhesive showing thru.

Maybe you can see the white cardstock a bit better from the back side…


The vellum tape I used to join the accordion sections, as the book is 5.5 x 5.5.  although the vellum is A4 size, it still wasn’t big enough to do it all as one unit.  There are two “pages” that are slipped into the covers, so the whole thing is about 33 inches long.


Does this help you see the cool effect? The prints are really sheer where the swirl is not, but you can see the pattern better where the swirls blocks the light.

My idea is to add some stamping or stenciling to the pages, maybe some words cut from book pages, or printed, not sure yet, and I am interested in seeing how the additions affect the look.  Obviously it’s best displayed with a light source behind it.  I might mess about with adding an accordion-folded spine and attaching solid paper to those, so they fall between the vellum pages.  That way, if you choose to view the book with the spine in place and the pages folded, while you won’t be able to see thru them, you can flip them more like a traditional book and the plain paper will give a totally different look to the prints.

I haven’t settled on the text yet, mulling over a few song lyrics or perhaps a poem, but it’s time to take out and puree the pumpkin then go shopping for the rest of the ingredients I need for the meal. I’ll probably mull it over a bit more and hopefully get it done.

Off to hang out laundry and cook and shop …. {sigh}