WOYWW 230 – Gelli, Gelli everywhere

Oh dear.  As bad as it ever was.

My desk, moving around from left (in front of my monitors) to right (my satellite table.)

A pile of masks, mostly paint-y….


Where the action is



Side table with more stencils and masks



I am working on the pages for the tape-covered book I showed yesterday.  I’m using the shelf from a fridge we got rid of last summer (they took it away when delivering the new one, but the shelves I knew would be helpful so I held on to them!) It’s all a bit unstable at the moment, but its usual location is take up with something else at the moment. At least here it’s close at hand.

And just a couple of prints I really liked – this one is using a plastic sink mat that looks like pebbles to me:


and this one is using one of the angalypta wallpaper texture plates I made over the weekend:



Still lots to do, and DS is coming home today for a dentist appt. so not sure how much progress I’ll actually make on it.  I have a plan for the sheets but that may not happen till DS heads back to Uni.  I get to see him all to infrequently so I have to grab the chance for some quality time with him when I can.

Happy WOYWW day!