Virtually free texture plates for Gelli printing


I am so excited about this one.  

I have been looking at my Gelli printed wallpaper circles, as they are pretty much in mu line of sight as I sit at my Mac, and it got me thinking.  I knew I had seen wallpaper rolls at the local DIY store that were white or cream, meant to be [painted over, to produce a textured wall covering.  Is this the dreaded Artrex?  Not sure.  But when I was there to buy some duct tape and painters tape I had a look.  OMG!  There is a HUGE selection.  What I had not realized was that the “paper” actually has an almost plastic-y feel to it.  ALMost like Fun Foam.  And the texture is actually raised quite high.  AND best of all, they et you tear off a chunk as a free sample, presumable so you can take it home and see if you would like to have it on your walls.  I scored a good-sized selection:



I only took patterns that spoke t me, and ones where a roll was already opened and a sample already torn off by someone who probably took it to use for it’s intended purpose.  A couple really are too cool.  This one has two huge (full 8×10 size) leaves that I know I will love using.



But I decided to start with this more overall pattern.

3freetextureCan you see the raised bits actually have some texture to them?  You’ll see it better in the print.

So simple.  I always save all the hard cardboard (thicker than cereal box card but not as thick as mat board) from the back of the 100s of paper pads we seem to acquire for various reasons)  All I did was put down a good cover of ATG tape and press the wallpaper sample to it, then trim.



4freetextureYou can see from the overhang that the samples are big enough to cover the A4 size card with room to spare.  I think they might cover a piece of matboard (if you can score some offcuts for free like I can from my local framer) big enough to make a plate for the larger Gelli plates.  The strips I got were 21 inches wide!

I trimmed to the edge of the card and then decided to go ahead and do another paper on the back side.  Why not have a double-sided plate?

I picked this pattern for the reverse:



Loaded the plate with paint, pressed on the texture then removed it. Wow.



You can really see the texture of the raised areas on the wallpaper, and you can see how clear the pattern has transfered to the plate.

And the print?

9freetextureNice! and the wallpaper wipes clean in a snap with a baby wipe.



The other side prints like this:

10freetextureThere is less texture on those leaves, but I still like it a lot.

So I have another 10 or so to play with.  But you just gotta love free tools, right?





23 thoughts on “Virtually free texture plates for Gelli printing

  1. Fun post – thank you so very much for sharing. Wonder what type of ink-color you used? watercolor?

  2. What a brilliant idea! Just last weekend I was at Wilko’s raiding the printed wall paper section. I actually remember seeing the textured ones, but not paying too much attention to them. What a fool I am! I’ll certainly be back this weekend! Thanks for a great tip!

  3. What amazing textures you’ve got now for the Gelli plate! Thanks for sharing with the Colorful Gelli Print Party – this will inspire so many people!

  4. I think I would ask them for a sample the size you need 🙂 Tell them you need to see enough of the pattern to make a decision and a 4×4 (or however small they give you) is too small. If you can convince them to give you at least as big as your plate you are good to go. Unless, of course, you plan a trip to the UK any time soon. Here we can tear off as much as we like. Other people have also said sometimes they will give you old sample books for free. If you can score one of them you are set for a very long time 🙂


  5. Over here, in Belgium, we can only get small pieces of wallpaper samples, maybe i should get several and glue them on a bigger sheet. I already experimented with them on the gelli plate but wasn’t satisfied with the results, they are however great stamps.

  6. OOOOOh my !!! This is such a great idea !!! THANKS SO MUCH

  7. Thanks for the good idea, I am gonna try it as well!

  8. Love your wallpaper samples. Gotta go get some more, I have a couple of pieces.

  9. it is known as “anaglypta” wallpaper. I just did the same thing with a class I was teaching on Thursday, but hadn’t thought about gluing it down to something. I had found some at a free thing we have here with raised seashells on it – looks really nice. The wallpaper also looks nice with the paint on it. I had thought about using the painted wallpaper for book covers. My friends covered their ceiling in some, then custom painted it – that wass the first time I had heard of it. You always have great ideas.

  10. wonder if they work going through a Big Shot like an embossing folder???

  11. I love the free wall paper texture maker…awesome!

  12. I am terrible in the DIY stores and I often take rather large ‘samples’ (I even take my own scissors so I have a nice clean edge!!)-but this is a brilliant idea. I especially love the leaves.
    Simple yet effective (like all the best ideas).
    I have said it before and I will say it again…..Gelli need to pay you to be a product tester!!!!

  13. Ya know I work at Lowe’s and have gobs of this stuff from expired sample books! A great big DUH for me and a great big thanks to you!

  14. This is not Artex! I think it is Anaglypta. I have been using it for quite some time for texture on paintings and printing. You seem to have found a good selection. When I go to a DIY shop I always wonder how much wallpaper I can get away with as samples 🙂

  15. What a great tip and find.

  16. Very lucky find! I’ve tried the sample route but our local DIY store won’t give samples. They do have a discount bin though with some rolls in it…just not sure I want that much of it LOL

    • I got mine from Homebase (are you in the UK??. CA – is that Canada?) and have also been able to get them from Wilkinsons – my bet is that the bigger chains are more likely to give them away than a smaller local shop where the profit margin really matters!

      I’ve still been playing and they also work (some of them) with the motifs cut out and stuck to a hard bit of card, like a stamp! They usually have enough paint from pressing on to the plate to stamp off a pretty good image as well as long as you aren;t stingy with the paint 🙂

      Good luck! Maybe some nice person would send you some if you can’t find a local freebie…. 🙂


      • Yes, I’m in Canada. I will keep trying…sometimes it’s a matter of getting the right salesperson rather than the store itself. We have Home Depot, Rona and Lowes as our large chains. I haven’t tried all of them yet but will definitely keep trying. Love the latest post 🙂 You always seem like you are having so much fun!

  17. You are so much fun! I cannot wait to find a wallpaper store.

    Thank you for another inspiration.

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