Happy Birthday card (repost)

17 years ago today, just about now, I was in UCH in London, having DD.  I simply cannot fathom the passage of that much time in what seems like an instant.  So not blogging today, really, but wrapping some gifts, planning the perfect dinner of her choice, and getting a head start on a few tasks for half-term week.

When I was looking thru my stockpile of cards, for one to tuck in her lunchbox, I came across this one.  I liked it a lot when I made it, ended up sending a different one instead, so I still had it there, forgotten.  I think it should see the light of day again. You can see the original post here, with the template sized for A4 card.

It looks like Gelli prints, a bit, but it isn’t!  Distress Ink instead.

So Happy Birthday to my darling DD and a happy Friday to you.