Famous people stencils


I found a brilliant site!  It’s called Stencilry and it’s just loaded with fab images for making stencils.  I cut them, as I have shown before, with my Cricut from report cover plastic.  I’m back to using my original Cricut, as the mini is boxed up ready to be returned, but my old one works perfectly fine for this.  I just save the image, open it in SCAL and use the TRACE function.  Sometimes I might have to edit it in PSE very slightly to link up an internal area that would otherwise just get cut and fall out, but some work just fine as they are.

Here are a few samples to tempt you:

Clark Gable – cut as it comes with no editing needed


and in use:


I think this guy is called Tom Wellington – I have NO IDEA who he is but I call him Pretty Boy LOL!


Can you see the split in his lip at the right?  I added just that little bar because otherwise the white bit (which fell totally within the bit that cuts out to produce the lip) would just fall out)

Marilyn – same deal with the white of her left eye:


And I was stoked to find a couple of Banksy images.  This one, Girl with Balloon, is iconic.

5stencilsiteTo give the stencil more stability I surround it with strips of firm cardstock

6stencilsiteThen to make sure I can wipe it clean I cover that with packaging tape, like so.

7stencilsiteThen I can smudge ink or paint thru the whole thing or just part of it if I prefer:

8stencilsiteMy camera is acting up – it TRIES to turn on but then shuts down immediately.  I am not sure if it’s the batteries or the camera itself that is causing me problems.  I’m trying to charge the batteries again but we’ll see if it works for my WOYWW photo later.  If not it’ll be my phone.  Arrggh!  Seems like I just bought the darn thing, never been happy with it, if I’m honest, but still annoyed it won’t behave.

12 thoughts on “Famous people stencils

  1. thank you for the stencil site

  2. These are fab!!!! Totally loving the style of this art thanks for sharing very inspiring x

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  4. I thought that I had already thanked you for this one!!! THus the reason why I kept it I guess; website address! You rock, thank you so much for sharing this one!

  5. These are such great images to use the Gelli! Thanks for sharing with the Party!

  6. Brilliant idea and as usual well executed. I cut mine by hand and use magazine images but I will check out the site for sure.


  7. Wow…how cool are those stencils??? I love the Elvis one.

  8. Tom Wellington played Clark Kent/Superman in “Smallville” on the American channel CW. I have such a crush on that one! I love that you said you were ‘stoked’ to find Banksy images! I watched a documentary on him a couple years ago. Really cool. I recently unfollowed all the blogs except for yours (too much time spent on emails). Thanks for blogging 🙂

    • Ah – I could have Googled, really, but I guess I was lazy 🙂

      Was it Enter thru the Gift Hop? I have that in my LoveFilm queue and just waiting for it to get to the top…



  9. Mary Anne, have you done a tutorial in how to use scal and trace? I didn’t know the original Cricuit could do anything like that. Always learn something on your blog. thanks as always for sharing.

    • Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) was a program you could once buy that allowed you to use the Cricut to cut other svg files, to trace a jpg image then cut it, and cut any font in your computer. Provo Craft sued the creator, as well as Make the Cut and Fairy Cuts, I think, to make them stop selling the versions that worked for the Cricut. A lot of people bought it and many still use it. But many of the other cutting machines have a trace function as well – my old Craft Robo did, for example – so it isn’t just the Cricut with SCAL that can do this.

      I forget that not everyone knows about SCAL and the history. Or how to use SCAL if they don’t have it. It’s simple as clicking File > Trace and selecting the file. Sorry to be less than clear regarding the Cricut’s abilities.


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