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You may recall the Cinquain Art Journal I began a couple of weeks back.  See the menu item at the top for more detail.  I thought I would share a couple of pages that use the coin envelopes.

Was a time when the Nick Bantock books were all the rage.  Remember them?The  Griffin and Sabine series is perhaps the most well-known.   Anyway, the point is that I was always captivated by the little envelopes and cards within the book, and that you had to open them up and take them out to read the story.  That was what I had in mind when I decided to add the coin envelopes.  That, and the fact that with the envelopes, the only text on show was the little poem, but where I wanted to say more I could, without having it all out there for everyone to see.

So here are a couple of the pages.  I’m just flirting with the whole AJ thing.  And I’m not one of those hugely inspiring artists whose pages make you go WOW.  I can’t make myself do a page every day.  When I have a thought, when there is something weighing on my mind, I can sit and make a page, work thru it, letting the art-part (the images that spring to mind, why I’m choosing them, not from a VISUAL POV but from a symbolic one) and the focusing  (rather than letting my mind scuttle here there and everywhere like it seems to most of the time) maybe help me work it out.

This one uses the small bit of the coin envelope that extends thru the sewn spine from elsewhere. It allows me to create a little flap to hold a tag. There is a fair bit of writing on the back, so I am not worried the visual text is printed and stamped.


This page is also built on one of the Deli paper pages,  and they actually work better than I expected they might.





All the bits are Gelli printed – I have a huge stash of prints so best use them or they will take over my space.

This one uses the OTHER part of the same envelope.  I decided I could use the same envelope for both the LEFT and the RIGHT pages, simply by decorating them front and back and adding two tags or whatever inside.



I used another one of the Stencil Republic stencils for this one.



Perhaps not the most optimistic of pages, but then you don’t really have to work out how you feel about being joyful!  I just tend to bask in it, not rush off to my desk to make a page about how happy I am.  If something is bugging me I want to take the time to consider it.  If I’m feeling content I just want to enjoy it.  Maybe that’s part of why the whole AJ thing is less natural for me.  Maybe partly because I’m about as deep as a puddle most of the time.  I’m happy or I’m not, but neither lasts and I know that.  I get stressed, then something makes me smile  – deep as a SHALLOW puddle LOL!

Today I should do a page about my stupid wrenched back…..

One thought on “AJ pages

  1. I like that you have used some not so positive feelings in a positive way 🙂

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