Round prints on a rectangle Gelli Plate


Of course I love the idea of a round Gelli plate, Who wouldn’t? But there is very little chance I will get one for a number of reasons. But I do like the round print idea so I just had a go with some circles I cut.



I have no idea where the cutting pod is for that big EK Success circle cutter but I found that the biggest of the CM pods (the blue one) works perfectly to the inside of the larger template and cuts a circle perfect for the 8 x 10 inch plate.  Woo hoo!

So it is not rocket science.  Really the only issue is that you would struggle to keep your fingers clean unless you do hat I did which is paint up the plate and lay on the circle


but cover that with a full sheet of copy paper then press all over.


Interesting effect in the corners.  Had I thought about it for two seconds I would have been more careful about the placement.  Easy enough to layer another design



For that I pulled onto the circle thru the stencil then pulled the ghost print to fill the gap on the first one.  Again, still taking no care with placement DOH! And THAT (and a knock at the door) sent me off in another direction, cause I got this in the mail!



I just had to go for it.  The stencils are heavy card, but with no coating on them.  I imagine if you use them with spray paint they probably will be fine, but the super fine lines might not survive Gelli play.  And I just got them so not keen to risk it just yet.  In the end I used a stiff brush and paint and…



The circle worked perfectly to frame the image.

Now, I’ve had another idea I want to play with and a little bookkeeping to do.



5 thoughts on “Round prints on a rectangle Gelli Plate

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  2. You are so right- the circle is the perfect frame for her! So glad you shared this with the party!

  3. I was thinking something similar too. Where did you get the little girl stencil, so cute and such a great print.

    • Since she’s dragging a bomb around in her little cart I’m not sure CUTE is the word that springs to MY mind 😀

      I’m sorry it wasn’t as clear as it could be – the stencil is from a book called Stencil Republic, and it contains 20 hard card stencils from famous graffiti artists. This one is by Dan Innes. Many of them are EXTREMELY detailed, with very fine lines and designed to be used with spray paint. Only time will tell exactly how sturdy they are. I got mine from but I suspect they will be available fromAmazon in other countries too.

      This is a shot of the back cover – you can see all the stencils in the book there.


      Mary Anne

  4. un très beau rendu et le pochoir est magnifique!!!!!!!!!!

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