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Christmas quote chalkboard printables

Just something I was playing with the other day.  I’m not totally pleased with the chalkboard effect – it’s OK but not as sophisticated as some I’ve seen – but I like them well enough to share.  I think it was a compromise between having the text very readable while having a chalkboard FEEL and having it look a lot more like chalk IYKWIM.

Can you place all the quotes?  I did toy with “You’ll shoot your eye out”  but it seemed a little less useful, even though it is certainly one of my most notable Christmas movie quotes!  I think they are all immediately identifiable except the Yes! Yes! one, from the 1938 film of A Christmas Carol. It may be in other film versions, or maybe as a variation, don’t know.  I could have gone with God bless us everyone! of Bah! Humbug! but … didn’t.

You can grab the PDF here – it’s larger than usual (about 4 mb) so be warned! Although they are 3×4 for Project Life size pockets The would work on a scrapbook page and might also work well as card toppers.  Must dash off to the store but I may play around with a card sample or two later.