Two layouts!

This must be a record, at least for recent years.  I’ve managed to make a total of 6 layouts in the two crops I got to this month.  Woo hoo. Perhaps more shocking is the fact I also managed to use, at least for these two, CURRENT photos, rather than ones from when the kids were little.

First, yo may recall me mentioning DH and his constant chili-cookoffs over the summer.  That would have been the prime reason I missed a few of the crops.  Here is the layout.  I thought about doing this as a two-page spread, but in the end I felt it worked fine with 4 photos on one page. I went all the way back to that Wordfetti – still love it.



Oops.  I forgot to re-stick the dot over the first i.  And I will ALWAYS spell CHILI in the American way – despite the fact my Mac, set to UK English will insist on asking me to “correct” it to CHILLI. Bah!

The next one uses Louise’s fab school printables from the UKS Blog Hop.  I printed them and spent a week pushing them and the tiny polaroid-style photos from the Fuji camera DH brought back from Japan around on the basic background.  Finally settled on the arrangement here.



Both seem to use the little file folders, decorated on the front, which flip open to reveal journaling.  The Chili one, the back half is stuck UNDER the blue paper (I’ll photo the trophy, print it small, and add that to the surface of the big photo, then journal to the right, on the reverse of the flap, while on the bottom layout the back of the folder is stuck to the background and just opens, leaving me more room for my thoughts.

A bit annoyed because for months now iPhoto will NOT open a photo to be edited in PSE.  Well, it WILL, but only in the older PS 6, not 10.  I’ve changed it in the preferences, so it SHOULD work, but all it does is open PSE 10 but refuses to open the photo.  Grrr.  The reason I am annoyed by this is that there was a discussion on UKS about photographing layouts, with a nifty little trick for getting them square and in perspective. Wanted to try it, couldn’t, so I just took the photo and slightly cropped it.  Lucky I’m tall so even the top one , which I couldn’t crop as easily as the bottom one, looks OK just by using the iPhoto tool.  But still…I need to hunt up an answer.  Likely as not I will have to uninstall iPhoto (or PSE) and re-install it, or something stupid like that.