Distress Ink pads and the Gelli


I was curious about using Distress ink on the Gelli.  Brayering it on didn’t give the sort of coverage I wanted so instead I tried pressing the ink pad directly to the surface of the plate.  







Unlike paint, the DI doesn’t really hold much pattern – you maybe can very faintly see the bubble wrap effect on this, but I doubt it.  

I had better luck using a stamp – after coating the plate I pressed a grid stamp into the ink – be sure to stamp off between pressings or you are just distributing the ink to the new spot, rather than removing it.  Still not a super-defined pattern but better.  A bit like super colourful burlap!



You can add a paint layer over – this pale pink was too pale but I think you can see the possibilities:



The contrast of the intense ink colour and the softer more matte paint is interesting.  and I really like metallic paint over it.



I didn’t want to contaminate my ink pads so I pressed them to the plate in a defined pattern so they didn’t overlap.  I also sketched around the paint, just to see what it would look like.

I had a go with a pull on Deli paper.  It takes a while to dry but I think, if you ironed it, it wouldn’t smudge (?) not sure.

DIonGellideliThe deli paper wrinkled, as you can see, but what was really interesting was the ghost pull on paper – the ink retained all of the interest from the stencil and from the wrinkle!

DIonGellideli2I really like that one!

And how about this: ink up the Gelli plate and lay down a stencil – pull thru the stencil.

DIonGelli6Then, with the stencil still in place, press a contrasting colour into the now empty areas.  When you pull away the stencil you can see the two areas of colour on the plate.  



So cool.



The rather patchy, beaded-up look of the ink is interesting.  Clearly ready for some more play with this idea!

And of course, in case you had any doubts, my desk is a mess once more….




10 thoughts on “Distress Ink pads and the Gelli

  1. The distress inks give it such a great texture- so much more so than just paint! So glad you shared this with the party!

  2. I haven’t attempted this yet because in the instructions of the gelli plate they do not recommend the use of inks as they can stain the plate. But apparently they don’t so I might have a go at it. Love the 2 colored arrow print, so cool!!

  3. Very cool experiment. I like the first two as starting off point for many layers.

  4. Very cool! I love the different things you try with the gelli plate! And the last pic is probably my favorite! So fun!

  5. Wow! The advantage of getting around “late” for WOYWW is getting to see other posts. I don’t have a Gelli Plate but sure love seeing what everyone is doing with theirs. I could see the bubble wrap pattern on the first page too! How fun to experiment and all of it coming out to look GREAT!

    Now, on to your WOYWW post.


  6. Great! Looks awesome, I definitely have to try this … thanks for sharing and the inspiration. Suzanne

  7. Once again your explorations of a product astound me! You should be a product tester for gelli (seriously, they missed a trick by not getting you onboard) 🙂

    Great effects.

  8. love the idea of this and the possibilities, only ever tried acrylic paint on mine

  9. Having just obtained a gelli plate, I am intrigued to see what you are doing with the distress inks. Do they stain the plate, by the way?

    • They don’t stain the plate so far as I can tell, but then I have only just started playing with the idea. The plate cleans up with a baby wipe quite easily and I have pulled paint prints after using the DI with no cross-contamination so I think it is fairly safe to say NO. 🙂

      HTH and can’t wait to see what you do with it!


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