Another Bathtub….

I often think of a project and then encounter some sort of stumbling block early on and it slips to the back of the queue.  Sometimes a way around the block will come to me in a flash and I may pick up where I left off.  This was one of those projects.

Back in May I mentioned that I had an idea for another Bathtub-Mary style shrine. I toodled off to the place where I knew I could find what I needed, image-wise, only to find the site had a redesign and the little pop-out image I wanted wasn’t there. Curses, creatively foiled again!

Then a stray comment about one bloggers project in BlogBits (on the UKS Home Page every week) prompted a PM exchange about, of all things, Stephen King’s IT.  While he and I may disagree on the quality of the made-for-TV-movie, we agree on the perfection of Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown.  And over the years I have always sensed a little bit of a kindred spirit.  His blog was the blog I had gone to in May, only to be thwarted.  After chatting about casting the remake (Alan Rickman or Robin Williams as Pennywise?)  it occurred to me that I could just search for exactly what I had in my head back in May and I  might find the image I hoped for on a cached page or buried someplace other than the place I expected it to be and indeed I DID find exactly what I wanted.

A bit of printing and cutting and painting and sticking, a few compromises for a variety of reasons, and may I present…

Bathtub Dan


The image I needed was the one of cartoon Dan with the apple over his face – his take on the famous painting by Magritte, Son of Man.  He had referred back to the pop-out image in April, which must have been why I thought of turning it into a shrine in May.  I had previously skewered the same head&apple image in the same way I did the skewered Tilda head, for another online exchange we had, as a bit of a joke.

I took the painting, sized it, then cut three of the bodies and one of the apple.  Then I sized Dan’s head to fit and layered it all up inside the tub.


DH wasn’t impressed with my theft of train layout ground cover when I did Marci so I used some ivy instead:


I stuck with the white flowers rather than a more colourful selection. and I could NOT lay my hands on the scrap of metal I know I have and that I used for Marci’s plaque.  This one is tin foil covered card.


Slightly wonky but somehow that fits.

I did dither hugely – should I post it?  Should I just request his address and mail it off?  In the end I decided to post it and see how long it takes for him to discover it.  Then I’ll arrange to send it off.  I know he reads here sometimes so maybe he’ll stumble on it soon.  If not I’ll drop him a hint to look.

And I thought, as tomorrow is WOYWW I would add a couple f desk shots so when I post tomorrow you will see just how bad it got.  Hoping for a tidier shot at the end of the day.  There is always hope….


Oh dear…. You can see the remains of so many projects, and I didn’t even snap my side table.