Christmas card and ornament printables

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Every year I make a set of printables for Christmas (sometimes more than one!) and usually I make cards for DD to hand out at school and her youth club.  They are designed around a little detachable paper ornament.  This year I went with trees (again) as they are so easy.



There are two sets – one with the text and one without – it says We wish you a Merry Christmas up one side and down the other, with And a Happy New Year! across the bottom.  I seem to be having a Senior Moment and see I named them 2014.  DOH!  Wishing my life away, it seems.  The font is very readable when printed but less so in the sample photo above.  You’ll see that in a minute.

The ornament part can simply be cut as a single layer, punch a hole and add a hanging thread, OR you can back them with a second copy OR you can back them with plain cardstock.  To tart them up, you can squeeze out a bit of glue and drag or tap the edges into it like so:



then dump out a little bit of glitter and while the glue is still wet, tap the edges thru that.


I printed it on quite heavy paper, like 230 GSM, so the back-to-back pieces create quite a thick edge.



I suppose you could use Stickles but I find this method a little easier.

Punch a tiny hole and add the string and you are done. Sorry this isn’t as crisp a photo as it could be but you can see the font in any case.



If you prefer just cut one, edge it with maybe a dark or lime green chisel tip marker to define the edges, cover the printed star with a star-shaped brad, cut the little strip of printed paper and add a few punched circles for a bit more interest to make a  card.



That is simple enough that the kids could do it, maybe adding a star-shaped gem rather than the brad.

Have fun with them and do let me know if you make them.  I’m happy for you to make and sell them for charity – I’ve gotten that question often so I’ll just say YES here so you don”t have to ask!

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