FOUR crop layouts!

Although it took me quite a while to get my scrapbooking hat on straight, I managed to set aside four kits for my crop yesterday.  I finished all four of them, with minutes to spare.  Pretty happy with them all – less so with the photography of them.  The light really doesn’t come in my window till afternoon, and I have a lot going on today so I didn’t want to wait.

This one is a box of pumpkins – rubbish handwriting but I am still pushing n with using my own.  It just isn’t getting any better… I still love Mr. Campy papers.


This one is one I started at the LAST crop but I wasn’t sure where I was going with it.  Fresh eyes a few months later and I finished it.  So annoyed with the sticky foam letters.  They stick SO completely to the surface of the photo and they just are impossible to add perfectly straight on the first contact.



I am considering adding fresh letters to a scrap and putting it over the wobbly letters.  I THINK the photos are digital but I’d have to peel them back to see if there is the developers mark on the back or not.  If they are I might just print another one and pick different letters.  Grr.

One success was inking the tiny type to match.  Don’t know why I never did that before.  I should have bought out all the white ones I could find then I would always have them to match!  Hindsight and all that…



This uses a Basic Grey kit I picked up at some point.  Always liked it but DD is pretty much grown out of pink, so I had to go back to some old photos to make use of it.



Funny, but the THIS & That scrap and the pointing finger are both from packaging.  The finger is from the masks/stencils I bought so I have a few of them.

BGdetailAnd  even managed a bit of Washi tape on that one.

Finally, a few shots over the fields from the In-laws house.



Just realized I used HELLO in the title of those last two.  Arranging the title on the last one was tricky, but by overlapping the letters and adding a foam square under the floating bit it worked out pretty well.



I actually had two other kits sorted but forgot to put them in my bag.  That means I have a head start on the crop NEXT weekend!

Now, I have some Christmas printables I am working on that I really need to finalize and a few other projects to work on as well.  Sunny day so the laundry calls, and a gazillion other things.  Happy Sunday!