Howdy WOYWWers.

My little Gelli art journal is on my desk and I managed to actually make a page.  Woo Hoo. The construction is a post back and there is quite a lot of info about the Cinquians in the menu at the top, if you are interested.


Not sure I’m in love with my handwriting or the placement, but I can live with it.


A  lot to be getting on with today – hopefully my updated 2014 calendar circles to share tomorrow.  Just trying to come up with some new sort of project to showcase them.

Happy short and sweet WOYWW.

9 thoughts on “WOYWW 226

  1. Nice mini journal.


  2. Ooooh bubble wrap printing – FUN!! I think your handwriting is gorgeous by the way!
    Kate #51

  3. I’m not a big fan of my handwriting, but yours looks good. Love the journal page. Happy crafting #7

  4. It’s a lovely page, and the secret with handwriting is, we all hate our own but love others, or so it seems.

  5. You sure get some mileage out of your Gelli plate. Love seeing your makes. Take care Zo xx 65

  6. A great start – lovely colours.
    Bernice #58

    • Hi MA
      I have been thinking the same about a journal… Great minds huh! At least you have stated yours and mine is still in my mind and my desk is always full of stuff I ‘need’ to do rather than want to do. Heyho hats like. Looking back a few posts love the printing you have been doing very inspiring
      Have a great Wednesday
      Janet @57

  7. There is nothing wrong with your writing, I think we should all do it more often, it adds that personal touch that is important. Love the gelli page, awesome.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 20

  8. My sentiments exactly when it comes to journalling – I just enjoy the art process! Love the colours on your page; nothing wrong with your writing either! Have a great day. Helen 14

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