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Switching Gears – PL Just Add Color printables

So I saw that PL will have a new kit, exclusive to Home Shopping Network in the USA, that will include some interesting changes – it will have 2×2 and 4×4 pockets.  Well, who could resist playing with that?

I had a bash at converting a few of my previous printables to coordinate, colour-wise and size-wise.


The PDF is here.

but I just noticed the 1 is too close to the bottom edge. Give me an hour and I’ll sort it. Sorted!

I also saw there were clear overlays, to allow you to add a photo over a pocket to create a flip-up.  I thought that the Avery full-sheet clear sticker labels might work as a substitute so I had a play with THAT as well.

I cut the flip photo a bit smaller, mostly because I messed up with the cropping of the behind photo.  I should have shifted DD either more left or more right so the photo on top covered just background.  I think the photo needs to be SHORTER in any case so the hinge part isn’t on the photo above.  I didn’t have any divided PPs so just imagine that corner of a normal PP is actually a Project Life one {wink}

Not as perfect as the commercial overlays but I am sure I read someplace that they are sold out anyway, so this would certainly work as a substitute.  The only issues are that the sticker sheet needs to be pressed down quite firmly to the photo to make sure it is as sheer as possible.  There is a SLIGHT haze, due to the texture.  One benefit is you could PRINT on to it if you wanted to before you do the overlay.

I wonder if that kit, and the different PPs will become available in the UK at some point…..???