Gelli positioning tool project

I am trying to be good about actual projects, not just how-to posts and in that spirit, here is something I did using the Lego corners.

The idea grew out of my comment that you could use the tool even with smaller paper so long as you attached the small paper to a bigger piece that fit your positioning corners.  As I thought, the frame idea works great, with an interesting added bonus.

First, I cut a rectangle, slightly smaller than the paper I was printing on. Save the bit you cut out.


I taped the smaller paper to the bigger one.  The print will be on the “clean” side, without the marks.  In fact you really don’t NEED the marks so feel free to skip them.


It’s easier in the photo to see the pattern on the plate on the frame than the busy book paper, but you get the idea.


Adding layers


I then added a foam stamp, across both papers.


Peeling off the book paper, you can see how it is framed where the FRAME masked it.


I stuck that scrap I cut out to the back, just behind the printed part – both for stability and to leave the edges lighter and slightly sheer.


After adding some extra bits, like distress inked edges,  a bit of charcoal pencil, and some gold thru a stencil, this is the final project. I’m thinking I could easily have sliced just the top curve of the white stamped circle then tucked in a photo.


Because of the positioner, and the frame and the book paper being pulled at the same time, you can see the pieces match up.  With a thinner area surrounding the smaller piece that would be greatly enhanced – also using a stencil that has a repeating pattern.  Can you see the book paper is mounted on pop dots for extra dimension?

I think this would look super if you stuck the smaller piece to a canvas, for example.  You would only need to mount it on something ever so slightly larger, or maybe fill the empty part of the frame (maybe with black or white?) then mount the piece over it to get the same effect

I also had a play with using the positioner with the 6 x 6 plate, to print multiple layers in the SAME PLACE on a bigger sheet.  Worked a treat.