WOYWW225 – OMG! blog candy win


I am beyond thrilled to finally share my BIG WIN.  I never win anything.  Seriously.  Usually when it comes to blog candy and WOYWW I am most likely to just comment as usual but say leave me out of the draw. I might enter one for Jofy stamps cause I adore them and can’t seem to narrow it down to just a couple so I keep putting off actually shopping for them, but other than that I have so much stuff I figure give others a better chance by staying out of it.  But when long-time UKS member, and someone who’s work I adore, VoodooVixen (Annette) posted her draw to wind her stunning Bisto tub spool I went ahead and entered.  And OMG! I won!!

I have ben waiting to share since Saturday when it arrived, but wanted all the WOYWWers to see.  Her photos are way better and you can see all the detail here. The top is particularly beautiful and my shot shows a different angle:


There was a lovely card in a sleeve as well:



and here is a close up of the hanger topper:


and the actual hanging – check out those amazing paper beads:


It is perfect down to the smallest detail! And I adore the little identity tag too –


Believe me I was about as excited by a piece of mail as I ever have been.

So for today there is nothing of my desk – I’m tidying, then ice skating and an Info evening at DDs college.  I made a much better showing in last week’s WOYWW and aim for more of the same this week.  Have a good one, y’all.

38 thoughts on “WOYWW225 – OMG! blog candy win

  1. Hi Mary Anne, well done! That is a truly beautiful piece of art to have won. Love the stamp on the tag too! Have a great week, sorry I’m running late this week, Hugs, Shaz #27 xx

  2. Oh that’s gorgeous, well done you on the win and how fantastic to own one of Annette’s creations!

  3. Congrats on your big win. Your blog candy is beautiful. April #21

  4. Congratulations! I can imagine your excitement! It’s a gorgeous piece 🙂

  5. That’s fantastic, such a super prize to win too. Take care Zo xx 95

  6. Gorgeous! You picked an excellent time to be a winner. That is one cool art project and I’m sure we’re all insanely jealous. Like you said, it is perfect down to the last detail and that what always impresses me–the little touches and details that people think to add in. Lovely!

  7. That’s a fabulous win! I love the stamp with the I made this… go and get exited sign =).
    Happy WOYWW 225 and I wish you a wonderful week.
    xx Monique

  8. OMG! Lucky, lucky you! Annette is so talented and this is a lovely prize! I love the funny sentiment. It’s all just perfect and I wish you great joy with it. The photos you took are just gorgeous! Happy woyww! Julie Ann xx #35

  9. Oh what a gorgeous load of blog candy – lucky you! 🙂
    Kate #85

  10. Lucky you indeed! I love that cheeky stamp she put on it too. Happy WOYWW…#51

  11. congrats on the win! I love the “imade this stamp!” I will have to look for it at the judikins booth at the stamp show next year, too funny! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #28

  12. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful, beautiful gift to win!!! No wonder you are delighted and excited and jumping up and down – I would too, when something like this came to my door… Enjoy, enjoy!! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #76

  13. Oh my, how lovely. Happy mail is the best, lucky you. I bet you’re still smiling now.

  14. Actually you’re the perfect recipient aren’t you – all the bits and details are perfect for you – it is stunning. That Annette, she’s incredibly modest. Didn’t it travel well, how wonderful.

  15. I do like me a bit of ‘Happy Mail’!! Congratulations on your win it is just gorgeous. Don’t forget you’re always welcome to join in my monthly art draw (can’t guarantee it’s be as lovely as this though!!) Happy WOEYWW, Hugs Cindy #70

  16. WoWza – that is stunning and the sentiment on that Tag made me laugh !! LoL


    IKE in Greece #75 xxxx

  17. what fantastic blog candy, the detail is amazing, Donna #53

  18. Congratulations it’s really lovely , lucky you go buy a lottery ticket now!
    Jackie 44

  19. Congratulations!!! what a fabulous win!

    Enjoy the day
    Bishopsmate #45

  20. What a gorgeous package to receive…I love the sentiment on the tag, it made me chuckle! Hugs. Pam#34

  21. That is the funniest tag ever! What a great blog candy win – congratulations!!

    Kelly #43

  22. Congrats on your winning and that sentiment just is too much fun 🙂 happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 37

  23. Well done on your win, it looks stunning (as we know from Annette’s work) and so do all the little extras she sent with it.. The stamp on the little tag reminds me that I have that one somewhere… ! Have a great week. Helen 14 (LOTS of stash to share today!)

  24. Wow, you have been very busy this week. The card in the sleeve is gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

    Hugs Candace

  25. What a lovely win! Congrats winning is such fun but it rarely happens! Enjoy !
    Lots of hugs,

  26. That is amazing, the detail in it is fantastic! Congrats 🙂 we are kindred spirits because I never win either!! But I’m so lucky in other ways…… 😉
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  27. Wow, Mary Anne, what a stunning win from Annette!! I say the same thing about draws, so I know how excited you must be to actually enter into one and then win it, especially something this magnificent!! Happy WOYWW! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #22

  28. What a treasure!! Congratulations on this wonderful win!!

    Hope your Wednesday is absolutely wonderful!!

    Lynn #20

  29. Aaaaw, you make me look good! LOL I am so happy you like it. Annette #19

  30. Congrats! Fabulous blog candy!! Love the beads and the tag is too cute! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #7

  31. Congrats on the fabulous win … is truly gorgeous. Love the stamp image at the end of your post.
    Sandra @12

  32. congratulations on your win, it is so gorgeous and I love the card too!

  33. Wowzers….You really won a fantastic prize. I love that tag, it’s too cute. happy crafting #5

  34. Congrats on your win! You’ve shared some beautiful goodies this week!

    Create With Joy – #2

  35. That’s just beautiful, but I knew it would be when Anette posted it on her blog. Congrats on the win, it couldn’t have gone to a better home.

    Brenda 1

  36. Congratulations on your win! All of the goodies are wonderful…but that tag is just adorable!

  37. Oh My goodness! What a wonderful win you snagged with this one. I adored the tag as well. Tee Hee – so cute. This is just lovely, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Bet it was hard to wait for WOYWW to post this one!

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