WOYWW225 – OMG! blog candy win

I am beyond thrilled to finally share my BIG WIN.  I never win anything.  Seriously.  Usually when it comes to blog candy and WOYWW I am most likely to just comment as usual but say leave me out of the draw. I might enter one for Jofy stamps cause I adore them and can’t seem to narrow it down to just a couple so I keep putting off actually shopping for them, but other than that I have so much stuff I figure give others a better chance by staying out of it.  But when long-time UKS member, and someone who’s work I adore, VoodooVixen (Annette) posted her draw to wind her stunning Bisto tub spool I went ahead and entered.  And OMG! I won!!

I have ben waiting to share since Saturday when it arrived, but wanted all the WOYWWers to see.  Her photos are way better and you can see all the detail here. The top is particularly beautiful and my shot shows a different angle:


There was a lovely card in a sleeve as well:



and here is a close up of the hanger topper:


and the actual hanging – check out those amazing paper beads:


It is perfect down to the smallest detail! And I adore the little identity tag too –


Believe me I was about as excited by a piece of mail as I ever have been.

So for today there is nothing of my desk – I’m tidying, then ice skating and an Info evening at DDs college.  I made a much better showing in last week’s WOYWW and aim for more of the same this week.  Have a good one, y’all.