A random selection

In the spirit of showing what I do with stuff rather than just how to make them, I thought I would share a few things that are almost completed projects using tools or techniques I’ve shared.

First, a Gelli print that uses a foam stamp I cut on the Cricut Mini from a cart image – the skull – as well as some circles I cut with dies.  They are mounted on the cut up bits of plastic placemats as mounts.



Liking that one – you can’t really see it too well but the green letters in the centre section are also from a stencil cut on the Mini (now I have to hunt back to find it… It’s from Edge to Edge) and the lighter green swirls that are buried but you can faintly see at the very bottom,  are also a stencil that I showed in the review, on the right:


Next, an ATC from that same Jake Blues dingbat mask:



That one has the mask, the foam letter stamp cut using the QuicKutz die plate, and printing then embossing on to washi tape.

Now this.  Grrr.  It turned out SO well (at least to MY eye) that I so wish I had pulled it on to a canvas I have kicking around on the side of my desk.  It has just the look I wanted, like a grungy old painted and repainted wall, with graffiti on it maybe.  I just don;t think it would look any good in a frame, but I bet DS would like it.  I thought of maybe sticking it to a canvas but it’s not QUITE the right size, and I am not keen to risk completely ruining ti thru experimentation.


The image is actually cut from another print – perhaps as close as I am likely to get to “collage” – so I just do not know.  Suggestions?  Just stick it to the canvas and do something to hide the edges?  Deli paper prints maybe, or simply paint and ink??


I really do need to come up with something USEFUL to do with all my prints.  I can make endless mini-books, and a gazillion ATCs for sure, but I crave functional use.  and since I can’t make myself art journal no matter how hard I try, what the heck do I do?