Quick cards from those Printables


Sometimes I think that people don’t look at printables with an eye towards other uses.  I often mention ideas for using them, but I am really bad at SHOWING them.  So I thought I would take 20 minutes and quickly make a little trio of cards to show you how you can make use of them in other ways.

These two use the scrappy printables.  I hope you can see where the elements came from:





And this one would have been better had I not BROKEN MY SECOND Grand Calibur embossing with a folder.  Grrr.  The Raspberry plate cracked, there was a CLUNK from inside the machine, and that was it.  I can hear something rattling around inside.  Honestly, I don’t know why I keep buying them.  I am NOT doing anything wrong,  I’m using the right plates and nothing they don’t SAY works, not super heavy-weight card even, but still….

This one uses one of the 3 x 4 toppers.



I had no idea when I started the thread on UKS this AM about die-cutters that I would need the info so soon.

Not a great start to the week……

6 thoughts on “Quick cards from those Printables

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  2. These are brilliant – the use of black card embossed makes an effective and apt background for spooky cards. Your printables are fab.

  3. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog.I love pictures and memory keeping. I have always been held back…. Scared of my scrapbook, cards etc… Would not look as good as others…. But my goal for 2013 was to just do it… I call it my year to get crafty and organized and to simplify my life. Lol you can tell I have read many blogs. I learned there is no right or wrong your projects are yours and how you see your life etc. So yes this year I have learned a lot and still have so much more to learn. I wanted to agree with the other comment. I have a big shot and I love it, my first machine I have ever bought. It does so much and is made well. I know it can do much more than I know but I am looking forward to learning everything. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

    • Yep. I get that. I see some inspiring work out there that I can admire but I know my stuff is fine, it’s even good sometimes, and that works for me. I guess if that gives someone (you?) the confidence to go ahead and share even if you think your stuff is “basic” then that’s a good thing. There are scrapper/crafters/ATC makers, whatever, at ALL levels. And even the simpliest thing can inspire someone. Sometimes it’s the SIMPLE things that inspire the most! It give someone who has never so much at folded a card base the confidence to have a go. A hugely complex, exceedingly gorgeous card or layout would cause people to say “I could never…” where a simple but pleasing design would maybe make them say “I could do that….”



  4. Hi Mary Ann, I like your cards, the second one has given me a whole new view of that embossing folder (which I have). if you are thinking of replacing your Grand Calibre I have a big shot and it seems indestructible cutting many layers and medias at the same time so would recommend it. Thank you for the cricut review – I have a machine but seem to have stopped using it so you have given me a push – all those cartridges in the draw seemed really necessary to have !!!
    Have a great week
    Kim (daisy)

    • That is part of why I posted. I think of myself as an IDEA person – my execution of the idea isn’t always the most brilliant, and these cards are really basic, but I figure that if I show my attempts at the very least it may spark off someone who will do it better 🙂 Plus, it’s always nice to se SIMPLE and QUICK things that look fine. Not everyone wants to create a masterpiece 😀



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