Quick cards from those Printables

Sometimes I think that people don’t look at printables with an eye towards other uses.  I often mention ideas for using them, but I am really bad at SHOWING them.  So I thought I would take 20 minutes and quickly make a little trio of cards to show you how you can make use of them in other ways.

These two use the scrappy printables.  I hope you can see where the elements came from:





And this one would have been better had I not BROKEN MY SECOND Grand Calibur embossing with a folder.  Grrr.  The Raspberry plate cracked, there was a CLUNK from inside the machine, and that was it.  I can hear something rattling around inside.  Honestly, I don’t know why I keep buying them.  I am NOT doing anything wrong,  I’m using the right plates and nothing they don’t SAY works, not super heavy-weight card even, but still….

This one uses one of the 3 x 4 toppers.



I had no idea when I started the thread on UKS this AM about die-cutters that I would need the info so soon.

Not a great start to the week……