Scrapbooking Printables for Halloween

As promised, here is a set of more scrappy printables for you, to coordinate with the PL ones I posted yesterday.

The set includes 6 circles (to fit the 2″ punch or a similar sized Nestie) three small rectangles that can be used as embellishments or as photo toppers, and two long 10.5 inch borders.


A word about the set.  The photo toppers are meant to adorn a photo with a bit of space.  Here is my son on Halloween, many, MANY years ago.  I have no idea at this point why he looks so glum! But the colours fit so I’ve used the photo for the sample.  I think I’ve already scrapped better ones!



I often use the small toppers I make along the 3″ side of a landscape photo and they still work well enough.  You could use them for treat bag toppers if you mount them on a larger piece that you fold over the bag top and staple.

This shot, that I took yesterday when it was actually LIGHT out, is misleading.  I was looking for a way to extend the 10.5 inch borders so they would cover a 12 x 12 inch sheet, so I added a smaller strip that you could mount beside, or overlapping, to take it to 12 inches.  In the end I didn’t like the way the subtle pattern of misty dots lined up (or didn’t) and the obvious break where the two pieces joined.  I think you can still use the smaller border effectively (and if you do so I would love to see your layout!)  so I added instead two more circles.  THOSE would work well in a number of ways – they could work for cards, they could be mounted on top of rosettes, they could go onto banner flags.  The centre circles don’t quite fit a smaller punch (I did try, and would maybe keep that in mind if I do future sets like this) but with Nestie circles (or dare I say scissors?) you should be able to cut just the centre section and make use of them that way.





The original set was positioned so you had to trim off maybe 1/4 inch at the side for the punch to exactly punch the circles.  I’ve printed and tested the new set and certainly for A4 card the punch works with no trimming.  As US letter paper is wider and shorter that may not be the case, so just check the punch location and trim as needed.

Hope you enjoy them. As ever I would love to see a link in your comment to your own blog post that shows what you’ve done with them.