Designing with Craft Room (and cutting with the Cricut)

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I thought I would talk a bit about  designing with Craft Room.  I have commented before that sometimes it is quite slow, but I have to say that although these are pretty image-intensive designs, I didn’t have near the issues with s l o w  going I did when using the medallion or the PL cards designs  I mentioned a couple of days ago.  I do know the comments on the UKS thread have mentioned the slowness of Craft Room.  I noticed it most in:

  • designs across multiple carts
  • super detailed designs, like medallions IF YOU DUPLICATE THEM. Stand-alone, they are OK
  • multiple images welded

The letter stencil I did? Dozens of individual letters?  Not slow at ALL, but then they were all from one cart and not welded.  They did need a fair bit of processing, first loading up the letters


hiding the outer box


then laying them all out as a full sheet, but it was still quick enough for me



The problem is I have no idea what else impacts using Craft Room – is it the speed of my computer? the version of the OS I am running? Is it to do with my internet connection?  As ever, with technology YMMV.

Remember this design from yesterday?


It was really easy to create.  Since I made this a few days ago, I didn’t have it on my screen so I had to go back and find the image to say which cart it was from. I hunted and hunted for this shape in the library of images, even doing a search for FRAME (which brought up a gajillion images to look through, NONE of which were from the When I was a Kid cartridge , where this can be found  – more on how I eventually found it in a bit.

Anyway..can you see that stencil design came from this?


All I did was hide a few lines, duplicated the bits I wanted, did some GROUPing and FLIPing and scaling …


and there you go.  I just think it would be entirely too tedious to grab the process screen by screen but I hope you can see how I got to the above design once you see the simple shape it grew from.

Now, how I eventually found that image.  Craft Room allows you to SAVE a project.  Thank goodness I opted to save this one!  To save one of your designs, click MY  PROJECTS at the top and follow the steps


And you can then see any saved projects there, and reload them


I cut that bit off but there is an EXPORT button that will save your project to your home machine as a proprietary .ccr file, which will only open for the Cricut (so don’t think you can design something then send it to a friend who has a Cameo so they can cut it!) I am assuming the only way to cut a saved file is thru Craft Room.

Worth noting that if you are working with images, and you have one on your mat but have moved on to a different cart, you can easily find out where the image came from by RIGHT-Clicking on it.



Interesting to note that I had to click on the outer image.  The info on the cart does NOT come up if I click on the rotated image.  Maybe because the one I clicked was a piece of the original image and all the rest were duplicated and scaled or rotated? That would be my guess.

OK, this is important.  I think it is important that you hear from someone who is perhaps a more typical Cricut user.  I am most def. NOT that.  A commenter on UKS, who loves her Mini and loves Craft Room, said:

I was given a Mini for Christmas last year & I love it! However, I’m not the sort of person that creates my own designs so was not interested in being able to use SCAL. For my use I find the basic cartridges which are supplied are almost enough – I have supplemented with a few additional ones which I bought digitally – I don’t have any real cartridges. 

She also points out an additional benefit of Craft Room that I don’t see with the test log in – or maybe I DO see it, but buried in the mass of images just didn’t recognize it – of FREEBIE images provided to Craft Room Users, apparently for a limited time.

I do check the website each week to see what the freebies are (although these do appear in your list of cartridges anyway) and try to make use of them when they are free.

The fact there is this extra little sweetener for Craft Room users might tip the scale in its favour for YOU.

Tomorrow I will do a recap of all my thoughts on both the Mini and Craft Room. But do keep in mind they will be only MY opinions based on MY requirements.  You will need to read them with YOUR requirement in mind.

One thought on “Designing with Craft Room (and cutting with the Cricut)

  1. Wow. This is way over my head! I hadn’t even heard of Craft Room….. I have a little Cuttlebug and I’m happy with the embossing folders and dies that I have. I have kind of sworn off adding to my collection. When unpacking and organizing my craft supplies I’m bound to find a few surprises! Now THAT will be fun.

    Thanks for stopping by my WOYWW post.


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