WOYWW 224 – more of the same

I am still working with Craft Room, the Cricut design tool, and learning more and more about it every day.  You know I suspect people simply do NOT know what they are getting in to when they ask me to review something!  Is that why Julia put my name forth as a potential reviewer?  She knew I would work the thing to death, squeezing every last bit of info out of my play, and attempting to discover things to do with it that may not be immediately obvious?  And that I am only ever going to be completely honest in my reviews?  Will I ever get asked to do another?  Perhaps not LOL!

Anyway, if you read back you will see that I have been playing more with making TOOLS from the Cricut Mini more than projects or layouts or cards.  I’ve done a lot of cutting of stencils from report covers and even made a few foam stamps – not a perfect process, but certainly doable.  What is quite literally ALL OVER MY DESK and floor and side table is the results of my design and cutting.  I’ll share more about the DESIGN process in Craft Room tomorrow, but for WOYWW it seems better to show actual creative work!

So first we have a stencil I cut using a basic Cricut image that I duplicated, rotated, hid contours, etc. I used it for my Gelli Plate, pulling both thru the stencil and then again after removing the stencil.



And another one, this one created from dozens of individual characters, but well worth the effort.  I really like it! Same deal – thru the stencil and once removed.


I think it would have been MUCH better had I used a lighter colour as the base, especially when I added the foam stamps in black – they would have stood out that little bit more. I also thing masking the center so the fist punching thru didn’t have the letters behind it would have improved the design.


I also sat looking at the waste left from one of the finger stamps and decided that while the finger were a bit thin, overall it would work as a second stamp:


And I think it did.


Now, it’s time to scamper around the desks and see what else will inspire me.  Life is finally settling down ever so slightly, so I hope to manage more than my commenters and the usual suspects that are on my watch list.  I try to get to at least a few people at random, but I have never once made it thru every name on the list.  One day….

Happy WOYWW!