Coffee bean printables for Project life


I got my bigger Gelli Plate delivered yesterday but was feeling too unwell to play with it.  Not sure I’ll manage it today either.  DDs lurgy has me laid low. Maybe the weekend.

I am well aware that I seem to have two distinct groups of followers.  There are those who love all things Gelli and those who like the freebie printables (and maybe those who like the calendar printables, although the later two might be part of the same group!) I appreciate those who bear with me even though I follow those two streams, as it were. So as not to alienate either group I tens to mix things up a bit, Today, it’ll be Printables because I have a set not shared and like I said I’m not felling 100% at the moment so adding something already lurking on my hard disk means I can at least share SOMETHING.


So here you go – a single page PDF of 5 coffee related printables. The PDF is about 5mb.  I have a smaller one, but the quality is too low for a crisp print.  Just be aware before you download it!

I printed these on some canvas effect photo paper from the £ store (labelled Polaroid brand) and it looks fab – but the print was before I changed to a better font (this one is Baffled) so I won’t share it as it’ll just be confusing.  But textured cardstock works too, just FYI.

I think I need a cuppa and some paracetamol….

7 thoughts on “Coffee bean printables for Project life

  1. Ooo I LOVE coffee!! Feel better soon!

  2. Hope you are feeling 100% soon!
    Thanks for the cool printables….. love my coffee, and your blog!

  3. Thanks for the fabulous coffee printables! I will try these on canvas type paper.

  4. MA,

    I’m so sorry you’re not even feeling well enough to play. Please feel better soon; can’t wait to see your creativity flowing larger!

  5. Well…You might have several groups, just that some don’t comment often enough, like me. Another small confession: Istill have a box promised to you close to one year ago! Long story, I have been ill again yet now so much better. I love the gelli posts and as I have reported before so grateful to use your printables all the time. Further, may I say I am impressed by your ability to get out of technical problems with computer, etc. as I cannot most of the time. You also do a lot of what I call “architectural” projects, if YKWIM…the pyramid cards, etc. Luv it all, thank you!

  6. FYI you have at least 3 types of followers, I believe, I am in group 3……I love your style, open sharing ways, and you, just being you!

  7. I find something interesting everyday on your blog. I love getting an email from you.. I love my gelli plate and have made so many fun prints that I am now into doing something with all of them and have found that mail art is also as addicting as the gelli. Loved your ATC cards too.
    However, I received the cutest mail art piece from an 11 year old and it was the best thing in the mail I’ve received in a long time. I want to give others something to smile about.
    Thanks for your blog. I am becoming a better gellier. LOL

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