Coffee bean printables for Project life

I got my bigger Gelli Plate delivered yesterday but was feeling too unwell to play with it.  Not sure I’ll manage it today either.  DDs lurgy has me laid low. Maybe the weekend.

I am well aware that I seem to have two distinct groups of followers.  There are those who love all things Gelli and those who like the freebie printables (and maybe those who like the calendar printables, although the later two might be part of the same group!) I appreciate those who bear with me even though I follow those two streams, as it were. So as not to alienate either group I tens to mix things up a bit, Today, it’ll be Printables because I have a set not shared and like I said I’m not felling 100% at the moment so adding something already lurking on my hard disk means I can at least share SOMETHING.


So here you go – a single page PDF of 5 coffee related printables. The PDF is about 5mb.  I have a smaller one, but the quality is too low for a crisp print.  Just be aware before you download it!

I printed these on some canvas effect photo paper from the £ store (labelled Polaroid brand) and it looks fab – but the print was before I changed to a better font (this one is Baffled) so I won’t share it as it’ll just be confusing.  But textured cardstock works too, just FYI.

I think I need a cuppa and some paracetamol….