Goodtime Charlie’s got the blues….

I was messing about with my Gelli plate the other day, and had the idea to cut a mask from a dingbat.  I loved the Frida stencil on Carolyn’s blog (she of the Gelli Print Party) and wanted something a bit like that.  Rather than go artist, I went pop culture, and cut a dingbat of the Blues Brothers – well, one of them anyway.


The print I liked best was when I pulled the unmasked area, then pulled the paint that had been trapped under the mask over another print.


The title just came to me, song lyrics, of course, and now I just can’t get it out of my head.  I suppose it’s not that bad, it could have been Rubber Biscuit! LOL!


Did the printing and embossing on Washi tape again, to add the text.  I really need to source more thin, solid colour Washi tape.  Maybe I can cut the standard size tape in half….  Now I just need to figure out if an idea I had for using these sorts of little prints that are self-contained pieces of art will work.  But I won’t manage that today.  I think I am catching DDs stinkin’ cold.  Grrr.

I am ever hopeful that the 8×10 Gelli plate, sourced from a fellow WOYWW mate, from the Marketplace on UKS, will arrive in the mail today.  How frustrating it will be if it does and I am feeling too rough to actually play with it….I am keen to play with bigger prints.