UKS End of Summer Blog Hop – photo chandelier


Hi all.

If you have come here from the UKScrappers End of Summer Blog Hop, and even if you got here another way, I hope this little project will inspire you.


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Now, to the project.

I love using old things  in new ways – re-cycle, up-cycle, re-purpose.  Whatever you call it, it’s making something new from something old.

When I recently re-did my DDs room, I found I had this old hanging light fixture that no longer had a home.  As I looked at it, an idea formed.


What the project will use is the metal ring fixture .

Other supplies:

  • Photos – ones with a small figure or area of interest are ideal
  • Jump rings
  • pliers
  • Circle Punch or dies, a variety of sizes.  I used a 2″ punch and a couple of the Nesties
  • scrap card for the template
  • Paper Piercer of tiny hole punch
  • Optional: Washi Tape to cover the metal rim
  • Optional: plastic scrapbooking shapes (mine are American Crafts)

I have lots and lots of photos.  Some have been scrapped (or the better photos from the event have) and most of them are from back in the day when photos were printed from a film roll.


My hanging light has 12 strands.  As the photo are not translucent, like the plastic flowers that were originally hanging on it are, I opted to do only SIX strands, so as not to block as much light.  Even so that took 40 photos.  You can feel free to mix in plain cardstock or patterned paper circles, of back the photo circles with card or paper, if you don’t have enough photos (yeah, right, scrappers with not enough photos…like that will happen….)

Punch all the photos you need.


If you are using photos back-to-back, and using a variety of punch or die sizes, make sure you have matching pairs!


Punch a plain circle from scrap card.  Using a ruler or gridded mat, divide the template at least in 1/2 (I did it in quarters but that isn’t really required) and punch your small holes.


Make sure the holes are close enough to the edge that your jump rings will connect them so they still move freely, but not so close they could rip thru. Stick the pairs of photos back-to-back.  I used both ATG tape as well as some photo-safe glue – both worked fine.

I edged all around the circles with a black permanent marker, to hide the white core of the photos.  That is my preference, but you can skip it if you prefer.

Lay out your strips of photo.  Note the bottom one DOES NOT NEED a bottom hole punched in it. Use your template to punch the holes in the photo circles.


The easiest way to join them is to:

  • open the jump ring with the pliers
  • lay the bottom photo right side up on the desk
  • lay the top photo over it, upside down
  • insert the jump ring then squeeze it closed
  • Flip the top photo up



You can wrap Washi tape around the metal ring.  You could also colour it with alcohol ink, or use a metal leafing pen, or simply leave it as is. I wrapped it with Washi tape, covering every other hanging notch, because I was using only 6 of the 12.


The easiest way to add the strands is to pop the hanging fixture over a spare wine bottle.


then open the top jump rings and secure them in place.


You can see where I added the plastic shapes.  Totally optional.  I had them so I used them, just one per strand.  I think smaller plain card or patterned paper circles would have worked well too.

Hang it up!


Tricky to get a good photo.

Now a word or two to note:

  • My fixture clearly states 40w bulb only.  DO NOT be tempted to use a higher watt bulb.  You don’t want the heat to cause your photos to burst into flames, although they are far enough away from the heat source that shouldn’t be a problem, better safe than sorry. I installed mine about 2 weeks ago, and have had no trouble with it.
  • I would say this is NOT appropriate for a room where the overhead light is your primary light.  My scrapping room has a wall of windows and lamps over the desk.  The overhead light is just for a bit extra. The circles of photos do create some interesting play of light and shadow when it is dark outside, which I like, but which is not great for actual WORKING under.
  • You could easily add a hanger to it and make something that is a bit more hanging mobile than light fixture.  If so you could use any sort of ring, like the inner bit of an embroidery hoop.  I am fairly sure you can buy the naked light hangers here, but not so sure about other countries. I never even saw a bayonet cap lightbulb till we moved to the UK!  But I would NOT suggest using it over a crib, for example, as a baby mobile.

So there you go!  Hope you enjoyed it.

Pop a comment on (mention your UKS user name) and then hop on to see the next project!  If you make one, do be sure to share it in the UKS gallery and/or on your blog so I can see it.

52 thoughts on “UKS End of Summer Blog Hop – photo chandelier

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  2. What a beautiful idea.

  3. A wicked idea- and thanks for safety tips too
    Leanie x

  4. This is such a clever idea. Would look fab as wall art as well. Thanks for sharing (Jacqui200284 on uks) 🙂

  5. what a brilliant idea. Thank you for sharing UKS Hedgie

  6. What a great idea. I am sure that your daugher must be thrilled with it.

  7. This is superb. Love it thanks for sharing.kjjc

  8. What a fantastic creation – very inspired (jo.bee)

  9. that is great! may need to try something similar! Happy hopping, jenx

  10. That’s so clever – great project, Mary Anne. Thank you for sharing and thank you for organising another great hop. :).
    Sue x (MiniOwner)

  11. That is an unusual idea, good for gifts too.
    uks darm

  12. Great project MaryAnne, completely unique.

    UKS name: Tigs

  13. Awesome! Thanks very much xx UKS: ScrapHappyNiki

  14. Fab project MA…love it.
    Jude (hollybank)

  15. What a great project, thank you for sharing!

  16. I’d never have thought of turning it into that, how lovely & totally personal.

  17. That is such a cool re-purpose project. Love the finished result.

  18. Great idea. May just need to have a go at this!
    Alimad UKS

  19. Fabulous idea..

  20. What a great idea!
    My daughter would love this!

  21. We love repurposing and also love scrapping out of the album so this is just perfect.

  22. Love this project, thank you for sharing

  23. Great way to recycle your lamp fitting. Seeing it on the wine bottle I guess you could also add it to a stand and have it as a spinner on your desk if you wanted.


  24. What a great way to showcase your photos.
    A spare wine bottle – does anybody have one of those 😉

  25. Good to see that you’re still using washi in interesting ways – fab fun decoration for a room … wondering if a door curtain would work as well …
    Jemma (aka Jimjams)

  26. What a great idea 🙂 gemmasteele on uks

  27. thanks for the step by step instructions they are really clear and easy to follow and such a great idea. (Furrypig on UKS too!)

  28. Oh love it what a great idea
    thanks for sharing
    UKS lelly

  29. Fabulous project. Thanks for sharing

    UKS Aurora

  30. Shame I don’t have a redundant light fitting like that waiting to be ‘repurposed’! How clever are you to have seen the potential in yours ….

    Mole UKS

  31. You amaze me! Great idea!

  32. hmm, might try and revamp some of my unwanted stuff. It makes sense to have fun saving yourself some money making something you love doesn’t it.
    having a blast blog hoppin.
    UKS akilli_melek

  33. What a great idea, I’ve an unwanted light shade I’ll need to think about how I could alter that, JoPink

  34. What a great idea for displaying photos, uses up quite a few too! I need a lampshade in my craft room so now I’ve got my thinking cap on! Thanks for sharing. UKS Violaceous

  35. That is soooo coool! tfs

  36. Very interesting! UKS mrst

  37. Great idea – I have a bookshelf that juts out above a stairwell and it would be rather cool to hang this off there! Mind you, I am still trying to rack my brains as to where to find a “spare” wine bottle in my flat lol… UKS-Weaselwise

  38. Great idea for a teen’s bedroom. TFS.
    Toni xx (misteejay on UKS)

  39. Great idea – thanks for sharing 🙂

    UKS chrisrydal

  40. Now it all makes sense – I saw your earlier blog post:) Love it and I might have to give it a go. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Wonderful idea of upcycling something that was going in the bin!! Scarymary555 on UKS

  42. What a great idea and brilliant use of photos that you maybe can’t use on a LO.

    Lyn M UKS lyn55

  43. What a great idea Mary Anne – I believe I have something similar lurking in the loft waiting for such a revival – as always you are inspirational – thank you for sharing.
    PaulineD UKS

  44. That is a great idea and I guess you could change the photos to go with the seasons 😀 UKS Wonky

  45. So cool, what a great idea!

    scoobiesue – UKS

  46. A great way to use those photos that really need cropping but don’t fit any LO you have in mind!! I’d make a mobile of these, I think .. my main light is my only light!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  47. looks great, I love your knack of thinking outside the box. uks simplyme

  48. Mary Anne, what a great idea! I feel a project of a similar sort coming on. thank you for showing

  49. I love this – so much better than the flower lampshade 🙂 Thanks for sharing – Kitty Crafts UKS

  50. Love this – thanks for sharing! Hugs Butterbee UKS

  51. A fun project which would look great in any craft room hanging up. Thanks for the idea , ukscrappers name lemonblossom

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