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The stencils, Recipe Card, and more

Well, DD was feeling so poorly yesterday she actually fell asleep while we were watching a movie!  That allowed me to sneak off and play for about an hour.  Woo hoo!

I wan

ted to share the prints using those stencils I cut. This one uses both the globe and the ink blot.


This one is pulled on a baby wipe.


This is the clean-up print from all the playing and no cleaning of the plate:


Love that one!

I also did another recipe card with the baby wipe info.  Honestly, it’s not really any different to pulling on deli paper or paper, except the fact you need to let the baby wipe dry out first.  But if you are wanting to collect a book of cards with samples, it might still be worth grabbing as a reminder of the technique and to show a sample.


There is also another two-tone variation, which involves getting a two-tone print by using the paint-y stencil paint side UP.


By laying the paint side of the stencil UP and pulling thru the stencil, the paint on top fills the masked area.


The texture the stencil gives makes it interesting, I think.  and I went ahead and pulled another globe over that, just for fun.


Phew.  Glad I got this done early as I can hear DD coughing and hacking upstairs.  <sigh> Another day of Barbie movies, I fear…. luckily I have my UKS Blog Hop post already scheduled for tomorrow….