Casette tape printables for Project Life


I did finish my Gelli project but will add it tomorrow because…

One of our UKS members, Dan99, posted a fab link to a site that has 15 pages of fun vectors, jpgs, and eps files.  There were a couple that I loved so much I had to take a moment to turn them in to printables. The link is directly to the cassette tapes page but at the bottom you can access all the pages.  Be sure to check out the film strip vectors, the Polaroid frames, the old book paper and notebook paper.. all of them really!

Now, these were so simple to make, and in fact my part in creating the printables was a small one.  You can very, very easily create your own by downloading the png file (which has the advantage of having a clear background so totally usable as digital scrapbooking elements as well!) and select>copy>pasting the tapes then adding any text you like, if my versions are not what you need. But I know there are loads of people who won’t know how, or want to do even that bit of work.  They like the ease of just printing and cutting. So here they are:


If you use Photoshop Elements, they are also easy to colour.  I’ve done them in prettier colours (they should tone with Honey)just for fun, and left the text off.  You can easily print on a thin sticky label and stick it over the lines, add a text box in PSE or even hand write on them:


Hope you have fun with them. And do pop to Dan’s blog – he has some wonderful inky art and makes fabby templates you can print and cut by hand or cut with many machines.  His Wonky Houses file is one of my all time favourite files ever, ever, ever….

9 thoughts on “Casette tape printables for Project Life

  1. Thank you for sharing !

  2. Thanks for these printables! I’m excited to use them in my Smash book

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  5. These are TOO fun!! I can foresee the need to be staging a photo op to have a layout that I can use these in!! LOL! {and you’re right – some of us [ME] LOVE when someone like you does the hard part for us and we get the ease & fun of just printing and using them!} Thank you!!!

  6. Thank you for the cassette tapes, really fun!

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I remember the days of cassette tapes. These will come in handy for my next PL.

  8. I thought these would appeal to you, I’m glad you found them useful! Some lovely freebies on that site, aren’t there? 🙂

    • Yep. I am well on my way to completing a set using the coffee beans. Really, when the initial graphic is so good there is very little that needs doing to create something that people who don’t fancy the digital play effort, no matter how minimal, can quickly make use of. That site is just loaded with nifty things and kudos to you for finding it!


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