WOYWW 222 – old project reimagined

Hello Deskers!  Happy WOYWW.  My day is all about DD today – first day of college on Friday (FRIDAY?? you say?  Yep!) and unbelievably we still have a few things to sort out.  Plus, I think, a girlie lunch, painting fingernails, and trying on first-day outfits.

But if there is time, between desk-hopping and store-hopping, I am taking my 6 x 6 Gelli plate print – made big from the other day and finishing up a new version of an old project that I made in  scrappy way a year or two ago.  This time it’s in a Gelli-way.  I’m pretty sure it won’t take too much puzzling it out until the AHA! moment when you know what it is.  With luck I’ll have it done tomorrow and will share.


A bit of tidying is in the cards too.  Made a start  – the first area I addressed, the kitchen, turned up a bar of dark chocolate that DH was SUPPOSED to take with him (he is at a conference this week, then heading direct from there to a chili cook-off) that I can now claim as my own.  Bliss.  Almost makes up for having to both shop and clean.  Maybe I’ll just sit in front of the Mac all day and WOYWW-hop and nibble….