Making the most of the 6×6 Gelli plate

I usually am happy enough with my 6×6 Gelli plate.  Sure, sometimes I get a little frustrated that I can’t make a print big enough for some specific project, but over all, the size suits me.


I’ve been considering an experiment, which I had a go at this morning, and I think I like it so I thought I would share.

This is not rocket science, trust me.

All I did was apply the paint to the plate, working in colours from light to dark.  My aim was to cover the whole of an A4 sheet NOT in a tiled effect, but more random.

I took the paper and pressed it at different angles, pulling all the paint off before moving on to a different sort of background pattern.





Once the plate was “clean”, I just added more paint, different colour, different (but not wildly dissimilar) pattern and aimed to fill the gaps.


I built it up till the sheet was fully covered – I didn’t PLAN the print, but I did plan my next pressing based on what I was seeing already on the sheet, IYKWIM.






Yes there are some hard edges and “blocks” of colour, but I still like it.  Curling the paper, not pressing right to the edges, would maybe help with that, as would tearing some strips of plain paper to sort of mask the edges a bit, but then that would be MORE planning and thoughtful pulling and I wanted something a little more free-wheeling and random.

I used a darker paint and a stencil to tie it all together a little more – or at least that was the goal!



So now rather than a blocky tiled effect I have something I think is WAY more interesting.  AND I have a print covering a full A4 sheet.  Nice!