Border Punch and Gelli Play


Remember the other day I said I thought border punches could be used with the Gelli plate as well as the anywhere punch? Well they work nicely.

Still getting DH sorted for his trip so I’ll be brief – well, as brief as *I* can be (so not very, I bet)

I was aiming to create an ATC so this is geared towards that, but I have also punched a square frame to border a whole print, I just didn’t get a print I liked. I’ll add that once I play a bot more.

1. Punch a border – it should be at least 3.5 inches so it fills one side of the ATC.  Actually it could be shorter, and could include a corner, but I’ll leave you to play with that.


2. Lay the border on the plate and brayer the paint over it.  I did try brayering first then laying down the border and removing it, but it was simply too difficult to get the clean WHITE masked area I wanted that way.


3. Add whatever other impressions you like to add interest.


4. Remove the mask… 



…and pull the print.


5. Smudge on some Distress (or other dye based) ink to fill the white. The acrylic paint will resist the ink.


6. I punched a Post-It so I could mask off the inked bits when I stamped over the print.




Stuck it to an ATC back – honestly, how is it possible to LOSE a HUGE ATG on your desk?

This is how….


LOL! Actually if you look to the right, just above the straight ruler, you can sort of see the border frame print.  Maybe I’ll just grab a photo of that….

I think I just picked a too-dark colour of DI so it doesn’t stand out quite as much as I would like.


And while I was at it I thought I might as well show the lay-on-the-frame pull off and pull version. Interesting but not as white-white as I think it need to be to be able to smudge on the ink. But you get the idea.


Now my dilemma is can I cut down the photos to just 4 to do a recipe card?? Maybe….

6 thoughts on “Border Punch and Gelli Play

  1. Have only recently found your blog. I’m loving it and your recipe cards too. Keep up the great work.
    Cheers from Oz.

  2. Sheer genius (again!) Hey, SOMEtimes I can get a punch to go thru stuff like fabric and acetate if I try punching it with a piece of thin cardstock/crisp paper. If it still doesn’t work, I sandwich the acetate between two pieces of paper and it usually works. Adhere the paper with temporary spray glue so you can punch a clean aligned border. The sandwich idea also works for punching holes with the cropadile. 🙂 Carry on, Maryanne, you poor thing, this just makes me only want to see MORE! xoxoxo

  3. Ha Ha! I have a huge table, so my atg gun is also lost under all the stuff! Have to get it cleared off so I can do something.

  4. Great idea. Wonder if I use acetate for the border print it would last for awhile. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    • I did try that but couldn’t get my punch to go thru cleanly. I thought maybe giving it a coat of Mod Podge or maybe even Gesso might also work, but haven’t actually tried that to see .

      But it would be nice not to have to punch a new one every few uses, yes 🙂


  5. This is a fab technique! Love the resulting print – gorgeous.

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