2014 calendar cards for Project Life


NOTE:  If clicking the PDF link doesn’t automatically download it, right-click and select Download Linked File.

I seem to be having some slightly odd problems today.  Any feedback would be very welcome to help me figure out if it’s just me and my machine.

I had made this little set of 3 x 4 monthly calendar cards for PL.  For some reason, when I open the PDF it opens r e a l l y  s l o w l y.  No idea why.

It’s a three-page PDF.  There are the 12 monthly cards, as well as a set of small banner-y things.  You can add them to photos, to other filler cards, or to plain 3 x 4 bits to create a journaling card.

I’d have loved to print and cut to show you all those things, but between the UKS stuff I always have to do on a Sunday, getting DD ready for her first day of college, and getting DH ready for a week at a conference followed immediately by another Chili cook-off, I just didn’t find the time.  Sorry.  Here’s the most useful page as a screenshot – shows the banner-y things add the colours.


Hope you find them useful – of course you can probably find other uses for them other than Project Life, and if you do, please share!



9 thoughts on “2014 calendar cards for Project Life

  1. Thank you so much for this great set…………. it downloaded super quick and saved like a dream!! Go figure? This will come in so handy though and thank you again!! Love Ann x x x

  2. I’m in Montreal (Canada) and it downloaded super fast and saved perfectly! Thank you so much for the great set!

  3. Thank you so much. going to down load will visit again

  4. Thank you so much! They are beautiful.

  5. Thank you for the calendar printables!! They are awesome. I am preping my 2014 PL album early and they are just perfect!!

  6. Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thanks so much.

  7. thank you! love these!

  8. Many thanks!!!!!!!

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