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NOTE: Not sure if it’s me and my preferences that changed of if WordPress changed how they handle PDFs as attachments, but if you right click on the PDF link (just below this note) and select something like Download Linked File (that’s what I get on a Mac) then you should get it as a PDF rather than a display of an image.  Very odd – never used to happen like that…..


It’s been bugging me that I had the one Recipe but needed another so I could share the 2-to-a-sheet PDF.  This one has this technique and the Ombre load one.


I guess this is both a paper tool as well as a technique!

Have a print ready – best for this is a simple texture pull, nothing too busy but with some interest. I neglected to take a photo but something like a simple grid, bubble wrap, wiggly lines, etc.

AHA!  I did actually take a photo!


1. Start by punching a square (or rectangle, depending on your plate size) with an Anywhere Punch that is slightly smaller than your plate.  You want there to be a border (mine is about 1/4 inch) around the punched area and THAT area to be less than the size of your plate.


Here it is on the plate so you can see what I mean:


2.  Brayer the paint over the stencil


then remove the stencil.  If you are ready with another print or blank you should be able to flip the stencil then press it onto another print and “stamp” with it while the paint is still wet.


3.  Pull this print over the simple one.

Tip: I have the small plate, so if I am pulling on a bigger piece of paper, it helps to align the top edge of the paper with the top  edge of the plate.  Then when the paper is face-down on the plate, you can lightly pencil marks to denote the two side edges. When doing a two-stage print like this that should help keep things properly aligned.  Cutting the paper to size just means paint squidges out, gets on my fingers, and sometimes onto the print.

Dark over light works


as does light over dark!


and that one looks amazing IRL but less so on the screen.

For me, it’s the frame that makes it.  I have a ton of punches and many of them could produce something that works as a framer.  I just have to find the time to play!

We had a bit of drama yesterday when a trio of senior citizens on motorcycles were passing by.  Our road is narrow, twisty, hilly, and the end of our drive is on a very sharp S-bend.  One of them (he was 70 YO!) came off his bike.  One of the others came up to the house as they had no real idea of where they were to tell the ambulance.  I called 999 for them and could see the guy laying in a heap at the bottom of the drive.  The ambulance came quick, 5 minutes or so from the time we hung up I would guess, and they ended up taking him off to hospital – it was suspected that he didn’t lose control so much as perhaps blacked out which MADE him lose control. It was all a bit tense but his main concern was that no-one call his wife!  Thankfully one of his mates DID call his wife, and I’m hoping it all turned out fine for them all.

7 thoughts on “Another Recipe Card

  1. Beautiful way to use a punch- and the prints looks amazing in the photo and if IRL is even better WOW!

  2. I love what you do. Do you have a way to put the recipe cards in a pdf? Thanks

    • It is a PDF, but I’m wondering if WordPress changed how they deal with them or somehow I changed my settings. Used t be a click on the PDF link would automatically download it. Now it seems I have to right-click and Save Linked File to the Desktop in order to download. Try that and you should get it as a PDF.

      LMK how it works out.



  3. MA, good job on making the stencil in the first place! One misaligned punch and you’d have to start over. Really appreciating the recipe cards! TFS!

  4. Great jelly plate painting, thanks for sharing. Drama’s of men and their toys, he must of been really freaked to not want his wife to know. Bet he will be nagged to give up the bike.

    Hugs Eliza

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