WOYWW 221 – round and round, sort of

We are having a bit of a blog hop on UKS on the 9th and the hop stop people are busy working on projects.  Me too.  This is what my satellite table looks like today:


Hiding all the details but even if I show this I’m hoping you will still have NO IDEA where it’s going.


It’s an odd one to be sure, but I’m hoping it’s going to end up pretty nifty.  Just need to source one thing that I don’t have enough of.

I took a shot of the Gelli wallpaper spots actually on the wall, but I liked them better the way I had them laid out on the piece of paper.  I peeled them off (and they do remove like a dream, so far) and set them up the way I liked. I also maybe should have moved the monitor a bit more so they weren’t so much in shadow.  Still, they are actually on the wall – can you see just the edge of the clock? And how about that pebble dash? Oh yeah, we are posh ’round ‘ere …


Have a happy WOYWW – hope it’s not too hot as the fields are being fertilized and OMG does it STINK.  The windows are closed, and hot apple pie candles burning, but DD and I may just have to vacate the house for a bit and hope it all sinks in by the time we get back.