Gelli shelf card

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I was looking at a pile of Gelli prints that I made for the recipe cards – not the ones I pulled on the back of the cards as the sample but the ones I made so I could photo the process.  I liked them and they seemed to be all in fairly coordinating colours so I felt like I should do something with them.


As DH is taking DS back to Uni over the next few days and it’s just me and DD at home, I’m trying to spend some quality time with her.  We took a break from the various getting-ready-for-college tasks she wanted to do with me to watch Les Mis.  With one eye on the screen, I quickly put this together  I made the base from black card to really help the bright colours pop.




Just at the back you can see a bit of card that I used to clean off the brayer.  The bright yellow will be perfect for, I think, a nice arty quote.  Any suggestions? I like these so far and they seem to work

  • Live inspired
  • Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working  (Picasso)
  • Let what you LOVE be what you DO
  • Creativity takes courage (Matisse)
  • Create everyday

Oh, and speaking of DH – after placing 2nd at the Isle of Wight chili cook-off, he and the team came in 1st place at Reading.  He was very happy and said it was the best batch ever, full-flavoured and complex, with enough heat to make it interesting but not enough to blow your socks off.  Result!


Now, I think I have a date with Spotify and Audacity.  DD has her enrollment interview tomorrow and it’s WOYWW day so the completed card won’t show up till Thursday.

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