WOYWW 220 – Gelli Recipes


OMG.  The state of my desk!  I think it may be shameful even for a WOYWW day, when we get to see desks in a mess (well, not ALWAYS, but more often than not) all around the world.


Deep in the Gelli play at the moment.  And not as short of WOYWW as I would have hoped, but not as long as it could be.

A had a comment on a You Tube doodah I did, asking how I achieved a particular print.


I answered, but the more I looked at it, the less I was convinced I actually remembered how I did it.  And that REALLY annoyed me. I know I pulled the yellow print then masked and pulled over that to get the right hand one, but I can’t recall if they were meant to show a two stage process of if in fact they really were what I said they were, a print with its ghost.

This led me to a mental tangent, musing on the nature of Gelli play in general.  I think many people are like me – they sit down, they say What if I did….? and just slap on the pain, try something out, pull a print or two or 20, then clean up and move on.  And maybe even promptly FORGET how they achieved something that ended up being really cool.  Is that MORE common that those who plan every print to achieve just the look they want or need for a particular project? I don’t know.

And that got me thinking about al the people who buy a plate, and, like me, then go looking for instructional videos and blog posts to get them started, heading in the right direction. And maybe there is a good number of people who recognize the Gelli Plate is “hot” right now, buy it cause they like to have the thing everyone is clearly stoked about, but aren’t necessarily playful of experimental by nature.  So the plate languishes.

What would help with some of those issues?

Gelli Plate Recipe Cards!

I had a bit of a play – I made four of them, with things I thought would be useful.  For mine, a I usually do anyway, I took photos of the stages that resulted in a particular print.  I popped into my little program and added the text and the photos, added a couple of notes for things I seemed likely to forget, with space for making notes later too.

My idea was to use a pack of big 5 x 7 inch notecards (5 x 8 cards would work as well.)  I now I have them, I just can’t for the life of me figure out where I put them! I thought I could print the recipe on one side then pull the print for a sample on the other, then collect them all into a bound book, for easy reference. I ended up printing them then pulling the prints and sticking them together, because the paper I was using wasn’t QUITE thick enough for my liking.  Likewise you could print on thicker cardstock then cut to size and pull the print on the back.

The first one was what I did yesterday, to make a two-pone print, and something I mentioned wanting to try, which was to add texture to the 2nd brayering of the paint.

PS:  Ignore the typo – that s corrected in the PDF 🙂


And the samples on the back:


Then I did another thing I had been keen to try, brayering the paint onto the bubble wrap then stamping on the loaded plate, again to get a two-tone effect.


I pulled prints of both the light onto dark and dark onto light versions so I could see the difference. And noted which one works better. I also did a card with some of my instructions for Fun Foam tools and cut small samples of those.


I have this vision that if I could convince lots of Gelli artists to make similar Recipe Cards, in the same size, then how cool would that be? Then people could download the cards, play with the ideas, pull a print on the back of the card, and in the end have their own little technique book.  so I’m going to add mine for people to gram.  Let’s see if anyone else takes up the gauntlet…. I know I’ll keep making these for me, and when I do I’ll be sure to add them. And I’ll hope that maybe some of the inspiring artists out there start posting some of their own too.

Note:  Had a bit of an epic fail on the ones I originally posted, so these are the ones correctly sized for 5 x 7 inch index cards. There is a third one (and an explanation) in the next post!

Two-tone effects PDF

Two-tone effect and Fun Foam tools PDF

Happy WOYWW 🙂

36 thoughts on “WOYWW 220 – Gelli Recipes

  1. Hi, I’m late, this comment is for the next post too 🙂 I’ve meant to comment earlier but it’s such a chaos around here these days … That’s a marvellous idea! You seem so well organized and straight. I could never muster the time and the conentration to do such a thing. Great way to document the single steps and the process.
    And: a messy desk is a sign for great creativity! At least in my eyes 🙂 I saw a signature someone has under their posts, loosely translated it’s: there is no chaos, it’s just ideas laying around.
    I love your posts and your creatitivity. I may not comment very often but I read each post carefully 🙂

  2. Brilliant and inspiring post – sorry, a little late looking this week but I am so glad I found your blog and read – My friend and I started doing this in a journal book but your idea is so much more accessible and great for sharing – I am going to have a go this weekend without fail. Thank you for visiting my blog


  3. Ok first it was your blog name. YOU had me at the messy desk but THEN…….. I saw the gelli prints and I was hooked! I’m coming back to read more posts as soon as I say a quick hello to a few more! Happy WOYWW! Suzy #101

  4. I haven’t yet ventured into Gelli Land! I am an avid art journal gal but haven’t yet taken the plunge! I hear it is quite addicting!!! I love your prints…so vibrant and gorgeous.

  5. Don’t fret about a messy desk! I love seeing the work in progress and wonderful stencils!

  6. Oh my, I see a book in the making here! With the number of gelli plate owners abounding this is surely something people would want? Brilliant idea! I am late in doing my rounds this week… pain got the better of me. Happy WOYWW Annette #6

  7. A fab post this week, Mary Anne. Your gelli-plate projects are great. Happy Wednesday. 🙂
    Sue x (MiniOwner@65)

  8. I don’t have a gelli plate — and usually i “have” to have everything I see that is cool. However, I really like your bubble wrap print. Very cool. Brigita #108

  9. What a fabulous idea, I totally love my Gelli Plate and am one of those who just goes randomly creating not really taking note of how I got there, but your post today has me thinking that I probably should be taking notes or creating cards such as yours. TFS and have a great week. Danie #17

  10. Genius Missus. Now stop giving them away and go find a publisher! really, it’s an overdue thing from you. and your desk looks blimmin fab from here.

  11. I’ve seen LOADS of blog posts and youtubes on MAKING the prints. It would be nice to see more suggestions on what to DO with the prints. Maybe you could do a post or youtube on that? Thanks for all you do. I love your ideas, especially the home made tools.

  12. Love your idea, I have seen so many techniques using paper strips and packing tape and stencils. I think receipe cards would help get organized so when you create a print the outcome may be slightly controlled! I love my gelli plate but just can’t keep making new prints until I start using some I already have!! Very addicting, Thanks for sharing/

  13. OMYGOSH, THIS IS GENIUS!!!! Hi, UKMaryAnne. I’ve been a subscriber by email of your blog for months now, always enjoying your posts but never being moved to comment. THIS, however, forced my bum into action, as you Brits may say (if you are channeling Texan, LOLOL). Honey, I think I love you. No, I know I do! This is the first time anyone doing Gelli has done a tute in a way that I can understand in order to get past my fear to actually try out my gelli plate. PLEASE do more. My GelliLife depends on it. You completely and totally rock!!!! Like I said, this is GENIUS!!!!! xoxo, Aimeslee aka Your Fan Forever!

  14. This is an amazing post! I don’t have a gelli plate although I won’t say I haven’t been tempted and I don’t have one for the reasons you give about people buying them and then not really playing with them much! I thought your backgrounds were fantastic, but I’m still not sure I’d want to commit to this toy. Let’s see if I weaken! Julie Ann xx #35

  15. Oh I am so in love with all those mask you have on your desk like I blew up the photo and had to wip the drell off the pc. lol how great and reading the gelli plate thing was funny the way you couldn’t recall it. glad to know its not just me. Im slowly making my way down the list, it seems to take for ever. Have a good day and bright blessings to you and your Roberta 26

  16. yes, its a good idea. I got my gelli plate, used it once and put it back on the shelf – yes, I know. your idea’s so far have got me thinking of trying again thank you.

    Lynda #96

  17. Wonderful idea those cards…..I am printing your instructions and will take time to play. Usually I just make a mess and thro it away, maybe with your cards I can actually create something. Thanks. I read all the comments, and a weekly challenge would be great.

  18. Gelli recipe cards -w hat a FAB idea! And yes, I have created samples I;ve loved and then sctratched my head months later trying to remember how I did it lol!

    happy woyyw

    Debs #98

  19. Fantastic idea. I love just playing with the Gelli plate to see what works best. From now on, I’m going to try and keep track of the steps so I can start keeping Gelli print recipes as well.

  20. Hi Mary Ann
    I think you have hit on a fantastic idea that would help crafters everywhere. We do tend to want the new toy out there but some of them are a bit daunting like the gelli plate. If there was a go to section for hints and tips like you have started doing I think those unsure people would become more confident to give it a go.
    Loving your prints
    Have a really great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #87

  21. Brilliant Idea Mary Ann. I have been following your adventures with the Gelli plate for some time – I have to confess I bought it but haven’t had the time to get it out for a play. When I do I am going to follow your lead and make Gelly Recipe cards too! Thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW from Helen 71 x

  22. Great post Mary Ann, thanks for sharing the gelli plate stuff…haven’t got into it myself yet. Cheers RobynO#74

  23. We don’t play with our Gelli plate nearly enough, and when we do we really need to be more inventive, we’ll bookmark this and come back to it, thank you.

  24. It’s a fab desk, full of fab-ness! Great tutorials as always. Take care Zo xx 93

  25. Oh I have seen so many Gelli recipes around blogland, and I think I am in love, love the effects you have got, love your desk, I would love to have a messy area, but I have to be OCD, LOL…hugs Avril #56

  26. Love the instructions cards. Great idea.


  27. now that’s a great idea – you are always busily creative and inspirational, mary anne!!
    a really great post 🙂
    happy W0YWW and have a wonderful week 🙂
    no. 43

  28. this looks so much fun! i would love to try this out!
    happy WOYWW! thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS @ 12

  29. Loved this post Mary Ann, very informative!
    I love my Gelli plate to …. So much I got the big one as I am a Scrapbooker and it was hard work covering a 12x 12 paper!
    Love the idea of your cards as we forget how we did something…our age I guess!!!!
    Another thought for you…. Is it time we started a monthly Gelli plate challenge? For us of us Gelli fans

  30. I have lusted for one of those gelli plates for over two years, but have never had the money to buy one. Lucky you. Happy WOYWW from #10.

  31. Oh my, you really have been busy! Very interesting print work! But you are right, I find printing so addicting, I cannot remember either, how I did things.
    Gabriele 49

  32. Heaps of tips here Mary Anne – I don’t have one or intend to get (or make) one but I love your backgrounds and so enjoyed the read. Have a great week. Helen 8

  33. What an interesting post. Highly informative. I don’t have one of these as I fear mine would languish. I may well have a go at a home made version, like Janet’s, now that I’ve seen all your experiments.

  34. I had to hunt to find the comments box..Just LOVE those Geli prints.I still haven’t done any.One day…sigh!!

  35. Wow what a fantastic post, I loved every word and it makes me want to get my plate out and try some of your methods, but sadly that isn’t going to happen today, head hurts and it wont help the head. Trully some gelli masterpieces you have created.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 24

  36. I absolutely love your idea for gelli recipe cards. Thank you for sharing your gelli-knowledge : ) Iris,SavedbyGrace

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