Round Gelli calendar

DOH!  I had a look at my calendar stuff and realized I’d not made more than one 2014 version!  Because I wanted to play with the round spots I quickly modified one from last year.  The longest part of the process is obsessively checking to make sure each month starts and ends on the right day of the week and has the correct number of days!

Of course the PDF here is usable for a standard CD calendar, so even if you aren’t keen on the Gelli print version, it’s still useful.


The text area is designed ti be easily masked with a standard Post-It note, just like the square version. I used the Standard Circles Large Nestie set, third in from the outside.  Perfect fit.

One warning about using the Post-It notes – the adhesive is only on one edge.  BE CAREFUL (and I obviously was NOT) that the note doesn’t fold up when printing.  Good thing this one ended up a bit too dark so I was happy to do another one anyway.


Another point to note – I don’t obsessively clean my plate or my masks/stencils/stamps.  As you can see, some leftover green that was dried onto the stencil transferred.  If I was just pulling prints for fun, I’d like that.  Not for these.

MOST of the “backgrounds” were light, with a pattern that I felt would not detract from the text.


Bubble wrap, grids, plastic canvas, most f them work pretty well to my eye.  Most of the over-printing was with a darker tone.  For the first version I didn’t go for crazy, multi-layered prints.  That’s an experiment for another day.

Although the font is pretty fine, for most of them it printed perfectly well.  June, the paint was pretty thick in the area right where I printed.  You can see how the printer ink pooled.


This is what the rest of them were like – much better:


Just a quick peek at my progress.  I’ll do close-ups when I’m done and happy with EVERY print.


Some I love, some I will redo.  The Pull then Print version, with the text over a print is nice, I like it a lot, but I wonder if the other calendar, with the quite BOLD text, is better for that and if THIS one might be more suitable for the Print then Pull options, where the text area is masked so the plain cardstock shows thru? Just a quick shot of that:


Somehow the  funky font appeals to me more.  But I like the circular masking….and the funky font, for some months, is HUGE, making the Post-It note coverage impossible unless the font is scaled down A LOT for September, for example. Arrgh!  I just can’t decide….. Clearly there is more playing to be done.